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Dindu Police Unit
Seven Baltimore Police officers indicted on federal racketeering charges

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” ("Who will guard the guards themselves?")

- Juvenal, Roman Poet, “Satires", 1st century A.D.

Five-OH’s gonna tax yo ass. But they made the city safer by taking guns off the street don’t you know?


Jeremy, Momodu Gondo must be Lithuanian, correct?

Surely Evodio Hendrix is a native Texan with red hair whose mother liked the PBR.

Daniel Hersl, might be a cracker if his mother could spell.

Wayne Jenkins, in Baltimore, has many soul brothers in his family—I think I hired three of his cousins.

Jemell Rayam, Marcus Taylor, and Maurice Ward sound like niggas Tommy Sotomayor went to school with.

Can you believe these assholes were doing this with 20 federal agents on duty in Baltimore?

It is a well known fact that half of Baltimore cops are corrupt, up and to the pint of robbing stores and individuals. I had one pig flash his badge at me and tell me he was going to "fuck" me "up" and "beat" my "ass" for not letting him come in the store after hours to get groceries. On the east side most robberies of Latinos are actually by black cops!


“Seven Baltimore Police officers who were part of a high-profile gun unit were arrested Wednesday after being indicted in U.S. District Court on racketeering charges - allegations that throw into question scores of the prolific unit's cases. Their alleged crimes include shaking down citizens, filing false court paperwork and making fraudulent overtime claims, all of which took place during a time when the Police Department was under scrutiny by the Justice Department for widespread civil rights violations. One of the officers was also charged in a separate indictment with being part of a drug organization and tipping them off to investigations. Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said the investigation of the officers began about a year ago as the Drug Enforcement Administration was investigating the drug organization. It eventually involved electronic surveillance - including a recording device placed in a Baltimore Police vehicle.”

“The officers charged were identified as Momodu Gondo, 34; Evodio Hendrix, 32; Daniel Hersl, 47; Wayne Jenkins, 36; Jemell Rayam, 36; Marcus Taylor, 30; and Maurice Ward, 36. All seven officers were charged in a racketeering indictment, and Gondo was charged in a separate drug case along with five non-police officers. "These defendants were allegedly involved in stopping people who had not committed crimes, and not only seizing money but pocketing it," he said. "These are really robberies by people wearing police uniforms."

One Soul Under God: The Humorously Examined Life of Columbine Joe

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