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What's Crime without Punishment?
Two Answers from Around the World

In Indonesia Man collapses after caning for breaking Islamic law

“Herizal bin Yunus, 27, fainted after being caned eight times in front of a crowd in Aceh, the only province of the world's most populous Muslim-majority country that imposes sharia law. Officials carried him off stage after he collapsed during the punishment outside a mosque in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, which was carried out by a religious official dressed in an all-encompassing, hooded cloak. But once he came to, a doctor examined him and said he was in good health, and he was taken back up on stage to be flogged another 14 times. A local religious court had sentenced him to be caned a total of 22 times. The man had broken Islamic laws that forbid people in Aceh from spending time in close proximity with members of the opposite sex who are not their husband or wife.”

In Indonesia Man collapses after caning for breaking Islamic law

He was one of eight people publicly caned on Monday for breaking the province's Islamic regulations.

Pulse News Agency International By AFP | 2017-02-27T12:55:00

Two transgender Pakistanis 'are packed into sacks and thrashed to death with STICKS' by police in Saudi Arabia

•The two people, identified as Amna, 35, and Meeno, 26, died in police custody

•Both from Pakistan, they were arrested in Riyadh for cross-dressing in public

•It is a punishable offence in Saudi Arabia for any man to imitate a woman

•Police officers raided a guest house and arrested 35 people, 22 are still in prison

By Gareth Davies For Mailonline

Published: 11:33 EST, 1 March 2017 | Updated: 12:58 EST, 1 March 2017

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LazerMarch 2, 2017 9:56 PM UTC

Indonesia is the wild west of SEA. The cities are run by biker gangs and drug lords. Theres brothels and prostitutes will offer you quckies while your waiting in traffic. You can bribe the police and immigrasi agents if anything happens too.

The gangsters are worse then the dindus in America. However, they have better boundaries so its easier to evade them. They give you heads up to stay away if your a bule too. The special agents at the airport in Jakarta have a pretty sophisticated command center as well.