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California Sinks into the Sea
By William Rapier

I think it was in some now-almost-forgotten movie, called 2012 (2009), when folk were big on Mayan predictions of the apocalypse, that there was the eye-candy spectacle of LA sinking into the sea: It was great, even if the fuckwit pilot flew the plane through the collapsing buildings, rather than over them, but one would have hoped for the whole of California to do a Titanic. Now, it just might happen.

As reported here at Collapse News, all the news a happy doomster needs,, California’s culture is crumbling, and so is its infrastructure:

“Sinkholes instantly appear on roadways, swallowing cars whole. Dams like the one in Oroville are close to failing, which could potentially kill tens of thousands of people because there is no way to escape the rushing onslaught of water. The power grid is old. And no one seems to have an answer – or even seems at all motivated to fix the problems.”

As Newstarget reported, more than a dozen years ago officials were warned that the Oroville Dam’s earthen emergency spillway was at risk of failing, putting some 185,000 people in danger should it give way. A few days ago, it nearly did, and still the politicians dither.

“I’m not surprised by any of this that is happening right now because we have been delaying maintenance everywhere,” Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Southern California Association of Governments, told the Daily Breeze.

“I guess that’s testimony of the amount of maintenance needed in California,” added former San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris, referencing sinkholes that appear suddenly below roadways and streets.”

Almost like the movie, only a slower crumble. So, it looks like the whole place really will soon fall into a heap. I would recommend a good quarantine, sealing state borders, and letting California Clinton voters, and the second law of thermodynamics, sort it all out. They can all fall into a hole.

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Ruben ChandlerMarch 3, 2017 12:06 AM UTC

I am living near, not too near, the dam. I'm close enough to be affected by it. I am a fulltime RVer who no longer cares about paying much rent for nothing and have fled LA. I must say that where I was living filled up with hundreds, if not a couple of thousand of refugees. Even the Nevada County fairgrounds filled up with a thousand people. We know a lot more than these people are letting on.