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ISIS and the Question of Beheadings
By Eirik Bloodaxe

ISIS love to perform Medieval-style beheadings, because that is just the sort of thing that a Medieval bunch of thugs do. Yes, people have been ground up in various commercial food-processing machines, even dissolved in acid (, but nothing has the real sting of terror as hacking someone’s head off.

Witness the latest, where a 15-year-old boy loses his head after being caught listening to Western music in Iraq:

ISIS seem to use piddling knives for their gruesome task:

Only on a few occasions have I seen swords used, but never axes. The ISIS executioner, the Bulldozer, all 20 stone of him captured last year, used to do a clean job, but today, the executions involve hacking a bloke’s head of. This could be to increase the terrorism effect, but most likely it is due to the executioner being incompetent.

Any half-decent Viking or samurai would spit on such a display of blade work. I look forward to a reinvigorated US military under Trump taking then all down.

Warning Graphic Content Below

Phil from New Zealand provided a view of the extremely disturbing ISIS training video in the link below.

"Try this link for a video of how ISIS trains its latest batch of underage assassins using handcuffed prisoners as targets. No messing around with paper targets for these boys ..."

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