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Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit
Harvesting Whitey Get's Easy Outside Harm City

Dindu restitution recovery agent long-range strike teams execute opioid raids in Howard County Maryland. Something the folks there haven’t had much experience with before. The low hanging fruit must have all been picked in Harm City, eh?


Jeremy, If you go to Seven Moons Deep and read the chapter, Astride the Chariot of Night, where the nutball who thinks he is the God of War looks to his left and sees Normandy Shopping Center and curses the Normans for deserting him for the hanged Peasant God and setting up shop as merchants, this is what we are talking about. This is a clear invasion path for mounted Dindus, right through the Patapsco National Park. Ellicott City has a separate historical and commercial center and is all white bread pussies and fine white pussy. The following scene, where he slaughters the bikers and Dindus while they make a drug deal, is based on a real drug deal my friend Ron Bone made with some hoodrats there in the 1980s. Route 40 is the road to the Whitebreadistan Promised Land—soft, fine women and sissy white men, ripe for the whooshing scythe of Reparations Recovery Raiders!

Onward, Yo!;center,top&resize=660:*

Thieves steal opioids from 4 Howard County pharmacies

Kim Dacey News Reporter


Under the God of Things

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Sam J.March 3, 2017 5:53 PM UTC

If they come in White's neighborhoods we should throw rocks at them and if they curse us they should get 35 years.