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The B'More Six
Federal judge orders six BPD officers indicted on racketeering charges to be held pending trial

More on the Baltimore Six.

“The officers' attorneys said their clients had never been in trouble before, and described them as family men with deep roots in their communities who have put their lives on the line to protect Baltimore and the citizens of some of its most dangerous neighborhoods. Several suggested the officers would not be safe in jail, and Jenkins' attorney said the Black Guerrilla Family gang had a hit out on him. Wise said the evidence against the officers is "overwhelming" — including wiretapped telephone conversations, recordings captured by a device placed inside of a police vehicle, city and private surveillance video from around the city, financial records, GPS coordinates of the officers' phones during alleged crimes, statements by victims that are corroborated by jail phone recordings, and statements from other police officers who have not been charged.”

Jeremy, Jenkins is toast, done, over and out, send him to Antarctica and a nigga will pop out of the ice disguised as a penguin and beat his ass to death with the frozen Glock he pissed on to warm it in his hand... Jenkins is a dead man walking.


“Gallagher cited a number of reasons for why it was hard to trust that the charged officers would follow the conditions of release were they let out of jail. For example, they were part of a special unit charged with taking guns off the streets at a time of intense gun violence in the city. Their alleged crimes also occurred while the Justice Department was investigating the Police Department for civil rights violations and the department was trying to mend its relationship with residents.”

"The scope of the breach" in public trust in the case, Gallagher said, "cannot be overstated."

Wait, Jeremy, did this pig in a suit imply that the public trusted these goons? Is yo serious!


Federal judge orders six officers indicted on racketeering charges to be held pending trial

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