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Harm City: Leduc Alberta
Suspects posed as police, handcuffed victim to rob home

Looks like white people are still committing crime, at least in Canada. FYI: Leduc is a city of some 30,000 about 20 miles south of Edmonton, Alberta (the “Detroit” of Canada) right on the Queen Elizabeth II (Hwy 2) superhighway. It has been long established that close proximity to a superhighway makes you more likely to be targeted for burglary/ home invasion in the USA. The same seems to hold true in Canada as well given reports of recent incidents there.


Jeremy, as the tight end in this operation to your quarterback, I would be remiss if I did not catch this pass, planted on the numbers as it is...

Really, yo hood is so weak dat yo got fake poleese jackin' yo shit? Sheeeeit, in B'More Murderland we got real Five-O commin' ta yo front do!

Bet on it, fool! Yo can flee to da runburbs—but the city be comin' fo yo ass in the end!

All seriousness aside, it does warm my heart that we still have some white crooks out there, and that they are committing violent crimes, which, to me, are the only morally defensible crimes on the menu.

Under the God of Things

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