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'Shining Light Upon the Structures that Govern'
How The Deep State Operates: An insider's account of American Hegemony at Return of Kings

Hi James,

This is an interesting article that has coalesced several concepts and ideas that have been floating around in my mind for a while. Concise and to the point; I think you'll like it!

Best regards,

-Phil B.

Thanks for this great link.

Phil, this is fascinating, utterly believable and gets me shaking my head as to how anyone, particularly the author, ever thought that since globalism was the American ideal that Globalism would not supersede America and American ideals, let alone the citizens of said nation state?

As I read I was fascinated by how the architects and cheerleaders and functionaries of this system have been sucked into its maw. The author sounds like a lion tamer wondering out loud at his partner's neck being bitten.

It is clear that every state grows from a supratribal apparatus that is put into place to negate the tribal values of those conquered tribes whose dismemberment and pillaging financed said state, and that once those conquered tribes or cultures if you will, are successfully negated, the cultural negation beast will turn on the food for which it was created to eat, culture, human life ways and consume the descendants, memories and values of those who created it. This super-state must fall, whether to feed globalism or because of the failure of globalism, and yet, more tribally minded folk stand ready to initiate their own ethno-state or ethos-state, witless of the ultimate turning of the mechanism back upon those who create it. The author seems to have internalized this concept by placing the Cultural Deep State at the base of the power pyramid.

There are a number of books that have recently gained currency as prophetic, prominent among them Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm. One which I think was has been overlooked in this is Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. There will be no end to would be monster makers and tamers believing that they will be the first of mankind to upend the tragic cycle of human farming that is the nation. Ironically, many globalists have supported globalism—as the author seems to—in the hopes that it would keep the evils of nationalism at bay, yet all they are actually wishing for is a super-nationalism with no earthly power to keep its evils at bay.

This is such an excellent article on every level. There is much information on the top tiers of the Deep State. However, be sure and read all the way through to the Cultural Deep State, in which the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements are contrasted in terms of their treatment. It is painfully obvious from the exposition of integrated power explicit in this profile that all a strong president can really hope for is something akin to the professional bull rider's eight seconds—just trying to stay on for the allotted time, with little chance of actually taming the snorting beast upon which he sits.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.March 4, 2017 1:36 AM UTC

The root of their power is bankers money and kiddie rape blackmail.
Sam FinlayMarch 3, 2017 11:58 AM UTC

“How’re these people supposed to make a living here?” Ranger Parker asks.

“People have made a living here for 150 years.” replies Hamilton.

“Well, people lived in caves for 150 thousand years. They don’t do it no more.”

“Well maybe your people did.”

"Your people did too. A long time ago your ancestors was the Indians. Til’ someone came along and killed them, broke em down and made you into one of them. 150 years ago all this was my ancestors land. And Everything you can see. Everything you saw yesterday. Til’ their grandparents of these folks took it. And now it’s been taken from them. Cept’ it ain’t no army doing it. It’s those sons of bitches right there [points to the bank].”