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‘A String of Pearls’
Ron Asher - In the Jaws of the Dragon: How China Is Taking Over New Zealand on Red Ice Radio

‘Peasants in suits’ pretty much sets the tone for what this crusty old Anglophile thinks of mainland Chinese.

On the face of it China buying the land out from under our feet seems terrible—how unfair. But if we think about it—that will be the end of the Dindu threat. Chinese are attacked by Muslims and blacks wherever they migrate so we can expect them not to take any crap when they take over. Yes, China is horrific, with the organ trafficking, but the Chinese are at least preserving their Confucian culture where westerners cannot abandon their culture quick enough.

I for one am proud that my coauthor of Hemavore picked China as the nation most likely to succeed and survive the next global disaster. Ron Asher is horrified over the Chinese naval initiative. Claiming that with the beneficent U.S patrolling the seas, China needs no navy, he forgets that China was subdued by naval borne troops from Britain in the Opium Wars, the worst crime against a nation ever committed short of annihilation, and that this only happened a short time ago in terms of their national history. Why wouldn’t the Chinese want a navy to protect their coastlines and trading efforts?

It is interesting that Mister Asher believes that only the Chinese government and society uses internal force. The Chinese should be commended for maintaining their cultural identity. However, if you are not Chinese you don’t want it to all go their way, unless you are among the “treasonous” ankle-grabbing politicians of the simpering West, which is where Mister Asher shines in this interview.

At the 35 minute mark, Asher and Hendrick get into the buying and selling of politicians by a foreign power, which is a clear imitation of British methods around the world in the 1700s and 1800s by which chief after chief sold his fellow tribesmen into enemy hands. I’d say the Chinese learned well at the hands of the British. I also remember Ronald Reagan taking 2 million dollars from the Japanese as soon as he left office, in the days when the U.S. auto industry was suffering at Japanese hands. The treason of politicians is normal and to be expected, as it is only treason in terms of the nation of the politician, not his class. The politician who sells out his electorate to a member of the ruling elite of a foreign nation is maintaining class loyalty in the same way that feminists, communists and racists undermine their nations for a transnational cause.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.March 4, 2017 1:17 AM UTC

I wonder. I just wonder, who, exactly who could have been the primary mover of opium into China. Could it be...the Jews?