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Her Daughter
The Vile Root: Invalidation for Older Men

For a society to scrub cultural residue from whatever tribal skin it has not yet shed, the men of middle age and older must be brought low, must lack the confidence in their opinion to let it be known among the young. The best way to achieve this is to develop scorn for adult men by the young. Most commercials since 1980 have been devoted to depicting the knowledgeable class of men—men who have survived beyond age 35—as fools. This has recently switched racial gears. In my youth older black men were forever depicted as fools. Now it is white men who are the TV fools of make believe.

For you older fellows below is an accumulation of examples from my personal life:

I began dating women that were my age and a few years older when I hit age 40. Most of these women had children that were teens or young adults. Without fail, after meeting their children, these women at some later time, out of the blue, when I was feeling confident and friendly and open, would just say "My daughter can't stand you!"

They always said it out of context.

They always said it with a wicked, bratty grin.

They always said it for effect, to hurt me.

For me, the effect was distancing. It let me see the bitch for the witch that she was, let me now that she sought my ultimate spiritual demise, and put me on my guard. I am an alienated "Omega" or "Taboo" type of man. I thrive on solitude. Insults only make me wince and send me to my place of inner solitude.

For Beta males "Followers" and for Alpha males "Leaders" the effects can be more toxic as they are more conditioned to human approval. That is why I believe strongly that any man who places a high value on human approval, immediately break contact with any woman who says such things to him and that he spend time in a masculine fraternity, a gym, a gun club, a karate school or biker club. If you try to change this bitch it will bring out the bitch in you. Don't do it. If she is fun in the sack, keep her for that and ignore the barbs, never placing value on her opinion.

As with most female invalidation tactics, if she knows what she is doing, she probably construes it as a method to keep you close to her. By pointing out that younger women are not attracted to you, she feels assured that you will settle for her. For, according to the invalidation methods used by commercial society to convince her that she instantly became hideous at 35, she can't compete with a younger face.

If your lady friend tells you how bad her daughters think you are, then you should dump her and then fuck one of her daughters—ideally both at the same time—for this would have the exact same effect on her spirit as her words were intended to have on yours. However, as a practical matter, she was probably right about her daughter. You see, adult women try to rule their mother according to these negative invalidation tactics. If they see she is happy with a strong man, she will be less easy to brow beat into loans and baby sitting. So they will accuse Mom of dating a bad man, or of lettering her pussy get in the way of her feminist ethics. So, in light of this probability, her daughter does not deserve your attention, so settle for banging a nice waitress working her way through college.

Keep in mind throughout this series that most women have little or no agency and are simply foisting the pain onto you that others have dumped on them. In a very practical sense it is not worth hurting her feelings and seeking to do so simply puts you on her inferior, feminine moral plane. Don't be a spiteful bitch. Wish her a nice day and go on your way.

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