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‘To Neutralize Smart People’
Eric Karlstrom "Multiple Agencies Of Government Are Gang-stalking Those Who Challenge The System."

It's one of those days where I found the end of the internet. This kind of format is great for imbedding serious content in Ufology. This show is a show—the guest loses his signal—from Mexico—must have been energy weapons. This reminds me of old, local AM radio.

Jason Statham’s little brother seems to have smoked a whole lot of Winstons and started a YouTube channel. The guest takes the listener on a brief tour of modern military acronyms for people who don’t want to play the globalist game. There is a six-step process in place for neutralizing individuals who might be in an opinion-shaping position.

I’m jealous of this professor of geography. Although I was an idiot in most things in entering 9th Grade, I phased top for history and social studies which meant I was too smart to take geography, which was only available to idiots. Ironically, only three people in our advanced placement European history course could tell the difference between Florida and California on the map.

If you are thinking of starting some sort of advocacy group in the U.S. I would listen to this podcast first.

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