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When Your Job Sucks in Japan
What's A Body to Do?

Man Crushed by Porn Magazine Collection in Japan

A good reason to digitize your smut collection.

Porn really is bad for you! Lonely Japanese man who amassed a SIX-TON pile of dirty magazines died when it collapsed on top of him... and his body wasn't found for six months

•The man, identified only as Joji, was found dead in his flat by a cleaner in Japan

•The 50-year-old had such a huge porn collection that it weighed in at six tonnes

•He was only discovered when his landlord went to the flat over unpaid rent

•Not clear whether he died and fell into the magazines or was if he was crushed

By Gareth Davies For Mailonline

Published: 08:45 EST, 3 March 2017 | Updated: 09:48 EST, 3 March 2017

Read more at the link below:

Japanese man stabs himself to get out of work

So what would YOU do to get out of work?

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Phil BMarch 5, 2017 3:53 PM GMT+4

Well, at least the guy with the porn died happy ...