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The War that the Idiot Masses Do Not See Coming
American Civil War II: Update 3/4/17

The Dindu Front

Capitulating to Black Racism by Colin Flaherty

Yeah, the Race War. The epidemic of black on white mob violence. Like Colin Flaherty says it’s the elephant in the room nobody is allowed to point out. Even Donald “Hardrada”, the Stern Counselor, Trump the Truth-teller, didn’t want to touch that one. Not yet at least. I’ll give God-Emperor Trump the benefit of the doubt on that one. One often has to pick the right time and place for his battles. As Sun Tzu wrote, “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot fight will triumph.”

Because Trump wants to deport black people, guy pulls AR 15 on Trump supporter

Trump supporters attacked and beaten by black mob in Kettering Ohio

Capitulating to Black Racism

By Colin Flaherty |

The Latino Front

There is no Us - Ethnic Identity Politics is the New Reality in America by Vox Day

"Your skin will be your uniform."

- Vox Day

“Ramos, who immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, frequently portrays American law as unjust and prejudiced and supports open borders. “The taboo issue of an open border should be tackled. Not now. Politically it is impossible even to discuss that. But I don’t see why we can’t have in North America the same immigration that they have within the European Union,” Ramos said to Time magazine in 2014. The U.S. should not enforce its immigration laws even after illegal aliens kill Americans, he said during a CNN interview in August 2015, because that would be “completely unfair” to the illegal population. In June of 2016, Ramos told a crowd of illegal aliens gathered in Houston, Texas, “I think you the DREAMers are the Rosa Parks of this time.” And Ramos’ views are not fringe ones in Mexico: A 2013 poll found that 66 percent of Mexicans believe the U.S. government has no right to limit immigration, while 52 percent said Mexicans have a right to be in the United States. Another 88 percent said it is fine to enter the U.S. illegally if one needs money. Over half, 56 percent, said they had friends or family who tried to immigrate to the U.S. illegally.”

The Islamic Front

Somali Muslims demand Pork Free Zone in Minnesota

So why’d they move to the state that is the home of SPAM? Beggars CAN be choosers…when they’re Muslim.

“Somali-Americans in one Minneapolis community have called for local government officials to create a no-pork zone via a special food shelf just for foods that conform to their faith, a local CBS News affiliate reported. “It’s about human rights also — basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food,” Imam Hassan Mohamud told the affiliate. “Some food shelves are trying to meet the need, but some of them already got canned beans that have already been mixed with pork — and there is a literacy issue here,” Mr. Weli said, CBS reported. So Americans need to cater to illiterate unemployed Muslims on welfare. Human rights doesn't mean having the government give you pork-free products. It means not being forced to eat pork products.”

“Stanek listed five “typical crimes” committed by Somali gang members, including credit card fraud, cell phone and gun store burglaries, and witness intimidation. The fifth type of criminal activity is tied to international terrorism, Stanek said.”

Somali Muslims in US Demand Halal Welfare from Americans

About Daniel Greenfield Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. Read More

Will it turn into a shooting war?

Obama Attempting A Coup D'État by Dick Morris

The Hipster Front?

California bicyclists would be allowed to roll past stop signs under proposed law

Hmmm…So this means that California bicyclists are going to be allowed to make a “California stop”?

Joshua Stewart |

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