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Man, Woman Sentenced for Terrorizing Partygoers
With Confederate Flag: Paleface Forum A-2:Torres’ Tears - Radio Free Dindustan Investigative Report

Thank you, Jeremy, for this excellent report.


“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country..”

- Nathan Hale

“I offer neither pay nor quarters nor provisions: I offer hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles and death. Let him who loves his country in his heart and not his lips only follow me.”

- Guiseppe Garibaldi

"I am confident that my death will do more to smash the British Empire than my release."

-Terence James MacSwiney, 1879-1920, Lord Mayor of Cork, Irish Patriot (died in British prison from a hunger strike).

"Life is tough; it's tougher when you're stupid."

– John Wayne as Sergeant Stryker, “The Sands of Iwo Jima” (1949)

The Facts of the Case

This a sad case in which some foolish and childish white people acted out and ruined their lives for no purpose. For all the white nationalists out there, the case of the State of Georgia versus Jose Torres, et al, is NOT the hill you want to die on. It is so foolish it is not something you can make a cause celebre out of, even if you do point out the obvious injustice of how white people are typically punished more harshly than blacks are for the very same offenses these days.

“Prosecutors have said that the cases against Torres, Norton and other defendants are not based on their right to fly a Confederate flag, but on threats against the victims.” (NYDN)

The facts bearing on the case: Indeed, Jose Torres et al were convicted and sentenced to prison NOT for holding an impromptu “Respect the Flag” truck parade and displaying the star and bars in a black neighborhood, but because they were video-taped brandishing weapons, pointing shotguns at people and making terroristic threats toward people at a child’s birthday party. What appears to have happened is when the parade passed by the birthday party one or more of the party attendees threw something at the truck parade, provoking Jose Torres, Kayla Rae Norton and others into over-reacting by uttering threats and displaying weapons in the presence of women and children.

Clearly the video made a powerful and extremely negative impression on the 15 person grand jury that indicted the defendants, the 12 person petit jury that convicted them and the judge who sentenced them. Not unexpected since people are much more influenced when they see the pictures than when they just hear the story, as in the case of football player Ray Rice when he coldcocked his wife. Keep in mind that even in southern states like Georgia juries will usually be majority white since most blacks will disqualify themselves. Obviously then even whites were unsympathetic to the defendants. Georgia apparently has a very strict law prohibiting terroristic “street gang” threat displays, so the judge employed this to impose long prison sentences on the defendants.

“Monday morning, a judge sentenced Torres to 20 years in prison, with 13 to serve. Norton was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with six to serve.”

On Sensible Resistance

A couple of points here:

1.Yes, the sentences are unusually harsh for this type of offense. Yes, had blacks committed the same offense they would have been treated much more leniently. Blacks probably would have received probation and/or public service in a similar circumstance. So from that standpoint the sentencing is unjust. Racist. Keep in mind whites are always held to a higher standard in our society. In any interaction with blacks, whites will be expected to be the responsible “adult” and not escalate the situation. Blacks on the other hand will always be treated by the authorities as if they are all special needs children suffering from some kind of mental disorder and therefore ought to be treated with greater understanding and forgiveness. Blacks are regarded as if they all suffer from Tourette’s syndrome and can’t control what they say, so any threats they utter can’t possibly be taken seriously, not like threats made by a white man, naturally. But none of this should be any surprise to anybody after all these years of Political Correctness. Whites are under attack from many sides; they are being betrayed by their own political and social leadership. It’s naïveté to the point of imbecility to expect fair play from the Left. The Left believes that utopia can be coerced into existence so no lie they have to tell and no atrocity they have to commit will be beyond them in pursuit of their “noble” goal.

2. I take it Torres and his companions were attempting to make some kind of political statement, unfortunately whatever it was got lost in the execution and they ended up looking like a bunch of hateful bullies for picking on a children’s birthday party. Just like Dylan Root doesn’t look like any kind of hero for murdering the unarmed and peaceful members of a Christian Bible study group. Then on top of everything else Torres and Norton break down in court and cry like naughty school kids who got caught doing something they knew was wrong and are now begging for mercy. Hey, if you’re going to be a revolutionary you’ve got to be tougher that that. Like Mao ze Dong said, revolution isn’t a garden party. If you're captured you ought to go into court proud, defiant and self-righteous. After all as a revolutionary, a guerilla fighter, you are a social reformer, you are fighting against injustice and oppression. This is YOUR chance to put the Establishment on trial, to spread the true word to the People of the Establishment’s perfidy and malfeasance. J’ accuse! - I accuse! I accuse you all of complicity in the destruction of our proud country! If you go to prison it’s an opportunity to write your manifesto: “My Struggle – Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice! – Revelations of a White Protectionist”. Remember Communist revolutionary Nelson Mandela spent all those years in prison because he wanted to. The South African government offered to release him early if he would renounce the revolution. He refused, and in the end it was the government that capitulated.

3. Let’s keep in mind who the main enemy is here . The Leftist ruling elite, the Deep State Communists, the Globalists, “the Woman” (it ain’t the 'Man’ anymore) is the Great Satan. The black thugs preying on us are the Lesser Satan. They wouldn’t be able operate like they do if they weren’t being protected and allowed to run loose by the ruling elite. Naturally it’s this excessive and inappropriate forgiveness of black crime and violence on the part of the Establishment that is outraging white people. The white nationalists in particular, such that they’d like to be to able hit back. But it is the Leftist establishment that is enabling blacks to attack whites. It is the Establishment that denies whites equal protection under the law, deprives them of the means to protect themselves and is destroying their ability to make a living, not blacks. Change the Establishment and all of that will change. In the meantime harassing children’s birthday parties is just going to give the Leftist Establishment the excuse to further harass and restrict all whites. I’ll bet the Leftie powers-that-be were just hoping and waiting for someone like Torres and Norton to come along to reinforce their narrative that racist whites are picking on blacks and the government needs to do something about it. White nationalists need to become better at developing strategies and tactics for thwarting the Left and just stop wasting time and mental energy complaining about the unfairness of it all. If they wish to succeed and prevail that is. For starters do not fight at the place of your enemy’s choosing. Like this.

-Amen, Jeremy. I have nothing to add.

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Jeremy BenthamMarch 9, 2017 5:22 PM UTC

"When you want to help people, you tell the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell people what they want to hear." - Thomas Sowell

Fair enough Sam J., thanks for that. Ok, I gave you a fair hearing, but now I’m going to have to disappoint you again. Bottom line up front: I haven’t changed my mind. So if you believe that James and I are just old hard-asses, too harsh and judgmental, with standards of deportment for whites that are way too high, well that is just too bad. Not going to change. But hey, I’m just a humble associate blogger, you don’t need my approval if you feel you want to “do something”. You don’t need James’s endorsement either. Just do it! If you don’t think my observations or advice have any value, then don’t pay any attention to them. Do something else. Show some initiative young man. Keep in mind our adversaries the white SJWs, the dindus, the Deep State bureaucrats and others don’t need any marching orders, they KNOW what to do already and they are doing it. Nobody can prove anybody told them to do anything (at least ‘til Project VERITAS and WikiLeaks, but even that evidence has yet to result in any indictments). Lesson Learned. Frankly I’m inclined to suspect that you are trying to trick us all into inciting violence on this blog so the security organs of the Deep State can shut it down. Is that what you are Sam J., some kind of agent provocateur? The fact is we don’t know who or what you are. We certainly can’t take your word for it if you are not an enemy agent. That is an example of playing it smart, or at least not being dumb and letting your enemy sucker you into an obvious trap. Yes I have high standards for playing it smart and not making unforced errors in this game when such could all too easily get you thrown in prison with the dindus for a long, long time. As we have just witnessed in Georgia. So don’t do that! If you support what went down there then I must seriously question your judgement. Your motives as well.

Now I have some other points to make in regard to how ill-conceived and ill-advised this escapade was such that it can serve only as an example of what not to do, but for the sake of space and the benefit of our readers, and as always with James’ permission, I will expound further in a blog entry.
Sam J.March 8, 2017 5:47 PM UTC

"...Sam J., you are being very vague and unhelpful..."

The main beef I have is in no way vague. You purposely belittled and insulted these people because they don't meet your definition of toughness. You're using the "story" of the State that is oppressing them and us to define and explain what went on. I repeat again. They did not purposely go to these kids house to interrupt their birthday party. They were riding around the county and were attacked by stone throwing Negros. It's perfectly reasonable to defend yourself with a shotgun if people are throwing stones at you. It may not be liked by the state and fit in with their crush the White Man stance but it's reasonable. All of you are giving them moral cover. There's another situation that's very similar. American stick Man. He was just released. Why. He wasn't thrown under the bus like you guys did these people.

"...Tell me then, what would you consider to be appropriate moral support for Jose Torres and Kayla Rae Norton?..."

First stop attacking them. Stop belittling them. Stop acting as if they don't deserve the right to protect themselves form people attacking them.

I think it's extremely likely that if they had a better lawyer they wouldn't be in place they are in. If they would have had the same support as stickman I bet they wouldn't be serving 35 years. I sincerely doubt they thought or anyone thought that they would get so much time. it's an outrage. It seemed to even stun the Niggers.

"...You are inferring insults where none have been made.."

Your words,"...sad case in which some foolish and childish white people...".

I stand by all my other statements of how your "brilliant plan" to attack the Leftist ruling elite, the Deep State Communists, the Globalists, “the Woman”, is bound to failure if you dump on, ridicule and declare not worth the trouble anyone who fights back and doesn't live up to your "standards".( Once again I admit I'm so stupid that some points of your brilliant White defense plan escape me).
Jeremy BenthamMarch 7, 2017 1:59 PM UTC

Sam J., you are being very vague and unhelpful. I for one can’t figure out what you are really driving at. Other than that you are displeased that we (James, Ishmael and myself) are not reacting to this case in a way you believe we should. On top of that you are putting words in our mouths. You are inferring insults where none have been made or have in any way been intended. That is how Jews typically act incidentally. Is that the way you want to be perceived? Like a Jew? I don’t think so.

Tell me then, what would you consider to be appropriate moral support for Jose Torres and Kayla Rae Norton? I’m not trying to be a smart ass here. I am sincerely attempting to solicit an honest straightforward answer. Clearly we think differently about this issue as a consequence of our different priorities and sensibilities. This is your opportunity to instruct us all Sam J.

For example what statement would you most like to see the James website make regarding the case of Georgia versus Jose Torres, Kayla Rae Norton, et al?
Sam J.March 6, 2017 3:20 PM UTC

Ishmael,"Finest words I've heard all day! Thanks Jeremy."

Maybe Ishmal is Jewish. If so he is probably jumping with joy at your belittlement and abandonment of your fellow White. That's what they count on. Your unsupport is Jewish support.
Sam J.March 6, 2017 3:09 PM UTC

"...For what it is worth, Sam, the reason why I would be more inclined to be a White Supremacist than a White Nationalist is that if I must belong to some human subdivision I like the idea of belonging to a group that is held—by itself and others—to a higher standard..."

That's why we and you will lose.

I'm not a White Supremacist. While I like Whites better than other races I'm not so foolish as to think we are all that. A lot of White supremacy comes from the fact that the American Indian had no resistance to a whole slew of childhood diseases and died off. We parlayed this huge gift of land and materials, with a good helping of the Industrial Revolution into a planetary empire. Notice before this time we were pushed into a small cold area in Europe. I don't hate all other races. I just care about mine first. I don't think this is too much to ask. I believe Whites who think they're the Supreme race are delusional and are fooling themselves. If we're so supreme then why are we losing so bad, so quickly and thoroughly? We don't support Whites first. That's why.

Apparently you and the other ubermen can't bring themselves to support the average Joe of which almost all people are even those who are your kin, that's right Whites are your close kin, trying to do the best they can to keep the tide from knocking them down. You can't even be bothered to give them a little sympathy which cost you nothing. If Whites acted like Blacks when ever one of theirs was singled out to be made an example of do you think we would be in the shape we are today? Not likely.
Sam J.March 6, 2017 2:47 PM UTC

I good simple start would be morally supporting them instead of belittling them. You can't even bring yourself to do that.

I can just imagine your leadership in a war, say Vietnam. One of your soldiers steps on the paddy path and boom his leg is blown off,"Well we told him not to walk on the path, leave him there".

"...What is YOUR plan? Is it time to storm the Bastille?..."

I guess that's the only way you can analysis situations. Total attack or totally ignoring them as not worth your effort. Could it be that you can't rouse yourself to total attack in this case so you default to ridiculing those caught in the trap of the multicultural State. Even to the point of parroting the MSM and buying all they say to the detriment of your fellow Man. "After all they shouldn't be racist".
Jeremy BenthamMarch 6, 2017 1:20 PM UTC

Gosh Sam J., thank you very much for the compliments you have paid me on my brilliant advice! However, I still sense you do not completely agree with all of my points. Very well. What is YOUR plan? Is it time to storm the Bastille?
Sam J.March 5, 2017 10:22 PM UTC

"...In the meantime harassing children’s birthday parties is just going to give the Leftist Establishment the excuse to further harass and restrict all whites..."

What evidence do you have that these people got on trucks with Confederate flags to single out Blacks kids birthday parties? None. You have absolutely none. Zero Nada. We have the governments testimony that they rode "around the county" with Confederate flags with the birthday party being just "one" of the roads they rode on. There they were attacked by having rocks thrown at them. You do NOTHING but parrot the "establishments" position on the whole situation.

I guess this is your "secret" pan to overthrow the "establishment". By repeating everything they say and agreeing with them and then...well I guess I don't get the "then" part as it seems you only strengthen them and have abandoned your allies. But I'm sure your great masterful plan of abandoning Whites constantly if they don't fly through the air like the monkey's in the Wizard of Oz or don't have super powers like the Iron Man. I'm sure this masterful plan will gallantly bring all Whites rallying to yours and our defense. If we could could ridicule Whites enough who do anything to fight back against Blacks attacking them then...well we would rule or so you say.( I admit I'm so stupid that some points of your brilliant White defense plan escape me).

Of course at this point, exactly this point, your brilliant advice is to,"...Change the Establishment and all of that will change..." and to throw the Whites, under attack, under the bus. Fuck the Whites fighting back because they're not."Changing the Establishment". Then the the "Establishment" attacks them and gives them 35 years. Your great mind, super human, advice is to...well basically fuck them because they cried at the taking away of their WHOLE lives and leaving their children orphans in effect. Wow. I really want to follow a GREAT leader like you. Full of marvelous ideas about "taking on the Establishment". Who's really long as it's against his own people. ( Once again I admit I'm so stupid that some points of your brilliant White defense plan escape me).

For the Blacks who attacked the Whites in the first place we have nothing but "compassion" and wonder at the evil Whites coming into the sacred Black neighborhood. Why the Blacks in that neighborhood probably fart cotton candy they are so perfect compared to the Whites that you declare SO UNWORTHY of you masterly, Mighty support.

Well there you have it. The great White Man has spoken and these low life Rednecks in Georgia really don't have what it takes to be great "establishment" fighters. Why as soon as we ridicule enough Whites and batter them down enough they will magically get all kinds of courage, have to really treat them like shit to make this work, and rise up and strike down "the establishment". Fucking Brilliant, genius. Pure genius. ( Once again I admit I'm so stupid that some points of your brilliant White defense plan escape me).
responds:March 6, 2017 1:14 PM UTC

For what it is worth, Sam, the reason why I would be more inclined to be a White Supremacist than a White Nationalist is that if I must belong to some human subdivision I like the idea of belonging to a group that is held—by itself and others—to a higher standard.
JoeFourMarch 5, 2017 7:33 PM UTC

"...Communist revolutionary Nelson Mandela spent all those years in prison because he wanted to."

Yes, but I believe he actually lived in house that was located on the prison grounds...not in a prison cell.
Sam J.March 5, 2017 2:40 AM UTC

Your whole explanation and condemnation of the Whites is a failure. You and other Whites hold Whites to some impossible warrior, shining knight standard that you don't do for other races. Blithely just write them off as, not tough enough. This path is the path of failure. Even when Blacks blatantly attack the police they still favor their people. This is why we're losing.You're impossible standards for Whites while giving everyone else a pass.

If Whites are going to survive we're going to have to do what everyone else does and favor our people first. Right or wrong. Perfect or not.

I'm not saying what they did was smart. It was stupid but the thing you don't recognize is we need a lot of stupid and brave people to attack the injustice that has become our country. If they get no support then when the time comes you need help there will NO ONE there for you.

If they were throwing rocks at them for just riding by with a Confederate flag what does that say? They can use violence against you and you...can do nothing. Why shouldn't they be able to threaten people using violence against them. I would like to know how people can justify only Blacks being able to be violent. It's not like these were all kids. Someone there was an adult. You make it out to a bunch of kids but we know better. Why shouldn't White people be able to go where ever they damn well please flying whatever flag they choose in the US? My response is they throw rocks at White people for riding down the road then fuck these Black people. As I said in the other thread these people would gladly boil you and your children up for lunch of the EBT card went dry.

"...Then on top of everything else Torres and Norton break down in court and cry like naughty school kids who got caught doing something they knew was wrong and are now begging for mercy. Hey, if you’re going to be a revolutionary you’ve got to be tougher that that..."

This is a childish and foolish response to White's working to keep their territory. It defies all knowledge of human behavior. Courage doesn't spring up like weeds after a rain. It is grown. It takes time. A lot of good you people are laughing at them and their not so perfect courage. I guess I'm not like you people. I'm like them. I don't have perfect courage. I'm not a great warrior like you. Maybe I should should just be thrown to the wolves with them for not being perfect. When the hordes come for you do you think anyone will think you're worth the risk of helping out. I mean after all you guys must be ten foot tall and have never made a mistake in your life. Surely ready to take on the whole Dindu mess with a clove of asparagus.

You think they're crying for themselves. I do not. They have, I think, three or four kids. They're crying for their kids and what will happen to them. I bet you anything this is the case.

James and Jeremy your whole response to this is shameful and a straight up example of how we got in the predicament we're in. If all Whites think like you guys then we're done. It's over. We lost. Fuck us.
IshmaelMarch 4, 2017 6:58 PM UTC

Finest words I've heard all day! Thanks Jeremy.
KoanicMarch 4, 2017 2:52 PM UTC

Torres is a spic name.

I doubt this counts as white.