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Guess Who’s Coming to Make Bomb Threats?
By Professor X

Let us quote the New York Times on this one, for safety; you know, huddling in there among the politically correct big and sweaty guys for cover and protection:

I would not want to report any false news, by any chance:;

Remember all of those other articles on the web, at sites too numerous to reference, saying that the recent outbreak of bomb threats on Jewish community centers, schools and a Jewish history museum, were from White super-supremacists, all fired up by Trump? How could it be otherwise, such dreadful folk? I certainly believed it and said so at many staff meetings and lectures.

However, it seems now that Juan Thompson, 31, of St. Louis, a former reporter was responsible for some of this:

Houston, we have a problem: Juan appears to be a person of color:

He seems to have black skin, not white, if my fading eyesight still serves me at least 50 percent well:

I will be consulting with my Cultural Studies department as soon as possible for a de-briefing about this one.

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