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Underwater UFO Nazis Plan to Attack Earth!
By Andrew Ryan

So, at long last, it has happened. All of us who watched sci-fi movies of Earth invasions and wanted it to be true may have their wish come true. Why I even saw today, a release of a sequel to H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds (1897), by Stephen Baxter, The Massacre of Mankind, (2017), which seems to be along the let’s-all-unite-against-the-common-threat. It won’t work; we will still lose.

There is said to be a massive structure 2.5 miles in diameter object, surrounded by tank tracks and moving on the Pacific Ocean floor:;

Scientific types say that this is a natural phenomenon, probably tectonic fissures and the movement of underwater currents. Yes, that is just what the aliens would want us to believe; something that sounds logical enough, but takes the heat away from their evil underwater escapades.

Clearly this must be evidence of an entire alien civilization in the oceans, just waiting for the chance to invade the Earth, the way the Submariner did in the early 1960s Fantastic Four comics (first appearance FF # 4), to take our Sue Storms, and also drink our water, as they obviously don’t have enough.

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IshmaelMarch 5, 2017 1:40 PM UTC

They will surface hopefully, in San Fransico or LA look around and say, Yee Gods, give these idiots 20 more years and we can use them as fertilizer, they are destroying themselves. Let's go home, calamari tonight?