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Germany: Are Their Nuts Finally Descending?
By Andrew Ryan

There is shock and horror, that after rapes and violence, cucked Germans may be getting a wee bit tired of being harvested. Here are the latest shockers, not from Germany, but from Austria:;;

Germans are out shopping, buying up big on guns and melee weapons:

I was most surprised to see that Germans are actually able to buy guns. No doubt, the EU New World Order will be moving to do something about that, especially since there seems to be a small change towards mass migration:

The plan of Gemanicide continues.

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Sam J.March 6, 2017 3:27 PM UTC

Can't have this. Not after those weak bastards lost WWII to the Judo Defense League. We must implement the "Bentham Plan" and pour as much ridicule and hate on them as fast as possible. Surely it will bring them freedom.