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Another Enriching Example of How the Blacks Saved English

Back in the Old-Ass Day, when Jimmy Crow ruled the wicked roost, when the bruthas were inventing all of Eddie Thomson's General Electric shit—that is what he wasn’t able to steal from Big-headed Tesla and not getting any credit for it, by being used to test syphilis cures, they were adding to the English lexicon, by developing a word meant very much in the spirit of ADDITION.

More di-rect current, son...

T. Spoone Slickens here reminding Whitey of the cultural appropriation he might have passed up due to the narrow-assedness of them emaciated snow bunnies that so many inauthentic black men seem to be clamoring for these days,

Alternative spellings:

1. Good Googamoogly

2. Great Goog amoog

3. Good goog a moog

4. Googly moogly

—you get the idea, Cracker.

Good-Googamoog, is a term of the Old South that derives from “Good Grog, another mug,” which was voiced by a famous Negro Pirate named Black Bone—I shit you not my brutha—when he saw walk by the first Puerto Rican woman bred on the slave farms. This vixen was made by crossing a big-ass white woman with a skinny Negro and then mating the girl child with the son of a half breed Indian squaw and a high bred Spaniard. When the mix didn’t turn out right it was when the Spaniard was of dubious stock.

Well, basically, this is how Jennifer Lopez was invented, were you get a pretty, mostly white woman with a big ass like a black woman, but peared-out like a tall fat white woman with small breasts, who will not scare the piss out of you when she looks over her shoulder.

Or you can believe this here shit below. Note on the video that the band is unconsciously arranged to begin a Puerto Rican breeding stock. Check out the link below and you will know that these young hoppers is fools that don’t know jack.

Your Trojan Whorse

On Bitches

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