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Brave or?
Ishmael on Improvised Urban Firearms

The guy had to be brave just to load, shooting it might prove fatal. The comments Grace showed me were very funny.


Ishmael, I have seen such an ancient thing in a man's hand, as he showed it to another man in front of a playground paved in broken glass—literally—on a Monday morning in East Baltimore as the bus I was on lazed on by. Most black men are essentially homeless in Baltimore, with no address that does not depend on the whim of some woman. Usually, when they get out of jail or prison or get fired and need to resort to crime to eat, they begin a scrap-built life at about the tech level you see in that BPD FaceBook photo. Many of them are not brave, some have cried on my shoulder when I fired them, knowing that they weren't up to this kind of life. As a store manager, I knew, that when I fired one of these guys I was sending him into a junkyard life.

And yes, some of them were brave.


Thriving in Bad Places

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WellRead EdMarch 7, 2017 1:21 AM UTC

Despite the mythology, created by Hollywood, where every Reparations Recovery Agent is armed with a Glock, this sad, dilapidated, piece is closer to the truth of what Dindus possess. In North Dindustan, firearms maintenance is an abstract concept akin to Nuclear Fission. Most firearms confiscated from the Dindu hordes are barely held together, let alone functional.

Now, living in The Big Empty, firearms tend to be well-worn but well-maintained. The marksmanship exhibited by the criminal element tends to be superior because of the prevalence of hunting and critter control on their early life. But the frequency of shootings is low because the intended victim may be as well, or better-armed than the assailant. Criminals in The Big Empty seem to prefer knives.
Jeremy BenthamMarch 6, 2017 1:28 PM UTC

Ah yes. I see this derringer has the obligatory Harm City modification to the grips. Namely being wrapped with black plastic tape.