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Angelina Jolie, Gets Her Jollies Off on Islam
By Andrew Ryan

Some of these Hollywood types just give me a headache, not a metaphorical one, but one that grips you in the back of the head, and rattles the cage of your cerebellum. The result is projectile vomit and an acid-wretched stomach.

Angelina Jolie can bring on this state in me, by just looking at a picture of her. Likewise with Madonna and Hellcat Clinton. If she confronted me in the flesh, even naked, I fear that I would spray the contents of my guts all over her. Sorry Angie, I am a victim of a psycho-physical disability.

According to this intelligent site,,

Angie has said, “I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world.” Well, count me out, my rumbling guts could not take it. But, she should understand, given all that she has got up to:

Brad, it is all for the best. Just make the second fuckin’ zombie movie, ok?

Speaking of “the best,” with the divorce chugging along nicely, here’s what she has been up to lately, according to this site:

“American values require the admission of more Muslim refugees, declared celebrity leftist Angelina Jolie at an Islamic event on Monday in Virginia. The Hollywood face of the UN’s refugee bureaucracy, she joined Secretary of State John Kerry in pushing for the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees in the US. No consideration of alternative regional resettlement options for Middle Eastern or African refugees was made by either Jolie or Kerry.

Bringing Muslim refugees to the US actualizes American values, claimed Jolie. Before a mostly Muslim audience, she framed the UN’s refugee agenda as an exercise in humanitarianism. The event was hosted by the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), an affiliate of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Look, here you can hear and see her proclaiming, “Islam is a beautiful religion”:

You can see her here in her headgear/hijab


I could not watch her face because of the throw-up problem, but to get through it, I did study intently her grey top. Maybe I am imagining it, but are the outlines of her nipples showing through her top? I am sure that her entire curriculum vitae will be impressive to the future sharia rulers, as detailed in the article above.

After all, “Islam is the most feminist religion”:

This must be true because the human rights record of countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, are simply outstanding:

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