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Deadly Shooting in Harm County: Updates 3/7/17
When Urban Blight Takes a Suburban Bite


Baltimore Co Breaking News is reporting there was a deadly shooting on Kirkwall Ct. last night in Loch Raven Village. Does anyone know if this was a random act? From what has been reported suspect is in custody already and no immediate threat to community.

Mar 6 in Crime & Safety to 16 neighborhoods

The above notice was found on a Next Door site, which is the only place one can get most street crime news these days. Wherever you live you should subscribe. This area is currently being flooded with section eight vouchers and is being targeted by City thugs from the Baltimore neighborhoods and projects the new residents came from. This is done through relatives and girlfriends, who act as spotters, rarely committing the crimes themselves, but calling in hits from inner city contacts. However this shooting will be classified, unless it is a white dude killing his own woman or defending his home, it's a black on black or black on white crime committed by a new subsidized resident or—most likely—by an associate called in from the City.

This has been the pattern throughout areas of Baltimore County targeted for resettlement as far back as 1992. I recently went through this neighborhood and saw seven for rent and for sale signs on one block of 32 row homes, with a third of the single homes one block east having American "resistance" flags on their porch, bars showing up on previously unbarred front doors, etc.


Son charged in fatal shooting of father in Towson

It seems that mongrel Dindu child rearing has its rough spots.




Baltimore County police

Son charged in fatal shooting of father in Towson

Devin Scott Vallade II, 19, faces murder charges, police say


Ron Snyder   Digital Editor  


A 19-year-old man is in custody and charged in the fatal shooting of his father Sunday night in Towson, Baltimore County police said.

Police said officers were called at 10 p.m. on a report of a shooting inside a house in the 8100 block of Kirkwall Court. When officers arrived, they found the victim, Devin Vallade, 46, on the upper level of the house suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper body.

Vallade was declared dead at the scene, police said.

The suspect, Devin Vallade II, 19, came out of the house with his hands up, police said. Charging documents state: "The defendant stated, 'It's on the floor. He attacked me, and I shot him.'"

"The suspect had been involved in an argument with his father that day. It had stemmed from an automobile accident he was in earlier in the day. He was arguing with his mother. That escalated, and his father became involved in that argument with him," Baltimore County police Sgt. Andrea Bylen said.

Charging documents state the suspect then went down to the basement, got his father's handgun and returned upstairs and "kicked in the master bedroom door, where his father, mother and brother were hiding. The defendant's mother pled for him to put the gun down."

Devin Vallade II was taken into custody and was charged with first- and second-degree murder, police said. He remained held Monday without bail.

"He's being charged with first- and second-degree murder because we know he left the argument with his father with the intent to go and retrieve his handgun in the basement," Bylen said.

Charging documents said Devin Vallade II waived his Miranda rights and talked with police. When detectives asked him why he got the gun from the basement instead of leaving the house, he stated, "It was cold outside. I had nowhere to go."

Police said this was not the first time officers were called to the house.

"There's not an extensive history of domestic calls at that location. We did respond there one time three years ago when there was a verbal argument between this same father and son," Bylen said.


Thriving in Bad Places

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