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Would Hitler Want to Look Like a Cherokee?
New Jersey Nazi Wants To Change Last Name To Hitler

A New Jersey man wants to change his last name to “Hitler”. What’s really sort of a crazy coincidence about this is that there are three blood relatives of Adolf Hitler living on Long Island. Men whose surname WAS “Hitler”, until they changed it. They are grandsons of Alois Hitler Jr., Adolf Hitler’s older half-brother. Like the article below says, Adolf Hitler’s three American great-nephews have kept to themselves pretty much.


Jeremy, this kid looks like a cross between Stand Watie and Lou Diamond Phillips! WTF?

Hitler's lost relatives found on Long Island - 'in terror of identification'

“Publication follows a year-long investigation by the writer Timothy Ryback, who discovered the Nazi dictator's relatives living on both sides of the Atlantic. Hitler's closest surviving kin are three great-nephews living on Long Island, barely an hour's drive from New York city. Mr Ryback, in an interview with The Telegraph, said: "They live in absolute terror of being uncovered and their lives being turned upside down." Hitler's American relatives have consistently refused to give interviews. Even their lawyer has asked not to be identified. When contacted, he said: "If they came forward, then where's your life after this?"

© AP Photo/Mike Derer FILE - Heath Campbell leaves the Hunterdon County Justice Center in Flemington, N.J., Thursday, March 12, 2009.

Samantha Karas


A name reminiscent of war, human rights violations, fascism and mass murder may soon be the legal last name of a man in one New Jersey home. Hunterdon County’s Isidore Heath Campbell filed paperwork in superior court in February to legally change his last name to “Hitler,” reported Thursday.

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Ronald Thomas WestMarch 7, 2017 1:00 AM GMT+4

Amazingly, Hitler probably wouldn't have minded looking like the New Jersey idiot at all:

"A con man and Walter Mitty-like homebody who spent eight years in jail dreaming of Wild West adventures, May (the name is pronounced My) wrote dozens of tall-tale books that have sold more than 100 million copies, maybe twice that many if you count translations from the German. Kaiser Wilhelm II, like May a fantasist who loved to dress up in exotic costumes, adored May's books. So did Einstein and Albert Schweitzer, Kafka and Fritz Lang. Hitler did too"

One of the best jokes (if not in good taste) I ever witnessed in Indian country was the time a small group of German anthropologists and legal experts were visiting on a so-called 'fact finding' mission and one of the native elders related how most Indians had sympathized (NOT true!) with Hitler because he would have put them back in charge of North America if he'd won (then the Indian gave a huge sigh of sincere appearing heartfelt disappointment!)

No one of the other Indians dared to laugh but you could see (and misunderstand if you were any one of the visibly shaken Germans) the tears as they were near dying laughing inside...
Jeremy BenthamMarch 6, 2017 2:36 PM GMT+4

“I know it’s very controversial that a non-white is wearing a Nazi armband. Whoever said you had to be white to be a National Socialist?” - Gabriel Diaz, NYC Taxi Driver, 16 May, 2016.