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Fucking and Cucking Sweden, Again
By Andrew Ryan

Over in socialist Sweden they have an Integration Minister, and it would be easy to write her/his zer/cher/per/gis – have I got this wrong enough? – job description. Anyway, Sweden’s Integration Minister has been caught falsely telling the BBC that the number of reported rapes in Sweden has been falling, or as she manically put it, “going down, and going down, and going down”: She also proclaimed that there is no connection between crime and immigration.

It was quickly pointed out to her that the latest figures from the Swedish National Council for Crime prevention, show a 13 percent increase in 2016 of reported sex crimes in Sweden, and note as well, that many crimes would not be reported because the women do not want to be viewed as racists. Better to be raped than be a racist. The Minister corrected herself and finally said that, yes, rapes are on the rise.

In Uppsala, Sweden’s fourth largest city, crime is soaring, with pensioners mugged for money for heroin. Police observe that people from Afghanistan are “over-represented” among the abusers:

However, even Moroccan street children are carrying out muggings, to fund addiction.

Numerous article indicate that the Swedish authorities have been covering up a massive migrant crime wave:

One senior Swedish police officer has said that Middle Eastern and African crime has pushed law enforcement to the brink, absorbing almost all of police investigative capacity. As well, the rest of the society has been plunged into chaos, with Sweden under siege, heading towards societal collapse:

Nevertheless, with this mountain of evidence of the harm that the new migration is doing, Le Pen’s globalist rival, former investment banker Emmanuel Macron, still proclaims that mass migration is inescapable, bringing “fresh bursts of creativity and innovation” to society:

The only thing, which he is right about here, is the “bursts,” but they are not likely to be in innovation.

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