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'Where You Goin' Wit My Dope en Cash en Gun?'
'This is A Nice Ride, Too—Might Maybe Take me Dis One' B'More Seven Updates

Jeremy, I trained with a brother on Saturday who used to hang around with the African cop and he said, "I was amazed at how stupid he was—you know, you meet a lot of knuckleheads in Baltimore, but this dude was idiotic. I was shocked when I found out he passed the test—and they put his dumbass in a special unit!"

Body camera footage shows indicted Baltimore officers violating man's rights, attorney alleges


Dig the video. Interesting. The handgun the cops retrieved from the visor/ headliner of the suspect’s SUV is a Clerke First revolver. 2.5” barrel  in either .22 LR or .32 S&W caliber. Six shots or five shots respectively. The Clerke was an archetypal “Saturday Night Special”. It had a cheap chrome finish and looked all the world like a cap gun. But it worked. The Clerke hasn’t been made for some 40 years, so this piece has been in circulation for a long time.


Body camera footage shows indicted Baltimore officers violating man's rights, attorney alleges

Snitches will be Getting Stitches!

Doah! Looks like they are going to have to release everyone who was arrested by the B’more Seven. If nothing else every single convict who was ever apprehended by these seven indicted police officers now has grounds for an appeal.


Prosecutors drop charges against defendant arrested by indicted officers

Case against Albert Brown among several already dismissed


Updated: 2:45 PM EST Mar 6, 2017

WBAL/Barry Simms


Barry Simms

I-Team Reporter

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BaruchKMarch 9, 2017 6:22 PM UTC

To be honest, morals aside, those cops had a pretty fun gig going.

Preying on guys like Albert, I'm sure they were having a good time and not missing any sleep at night.
responds:March 10, 2017 1:43 PM UTC

You are a best Sympathy for the Devil guy.

I agree though, imagine how much fun this was. I would do this to criminals if I were not plagued with a level of intelligence that recognized that I can't get away with it!
Sam J.March 7, 2017 8:55 PM UTC

Black civil servants either don't have to pass test or their scores are boosted, a lot, because they're Black. Part of why government is going down at all levels. In the past you had to have some common sense at least to be in the government bureaucracy. Now you just have to be Black.