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Hoax Alert:
‘Non-Caucasian’ student behind racist graffiti at Minnesota high school

Doing the jobs white Americans won’t do anymore. What a sad state of affairs, eh? Not enough whites are scrawling anti-black graffiti around, so "non-Caucasians” have to take up the slack. In this instance a non-Caucasian with “significant special education needs” no less. And THEN, white people end up getting all the credit for this non-Caucasian special needs student’s hard work and artistry anyway. What an injustice!


On the up side, the school district administration sees this as “a teachable moment for students and staff” and said so in its official news release. Naturally.


“Uh oh — keep an eye out on that “teachable moment” comment, for, in academic settings especially, it often does not mean criticizing the wrongdoing of the perpetrator … it means examining the “underlying” and “societal” causes on which to really blame the incident.”


Hoax alert: ‘Non-Caucasian’ student behind racist graffiti at Minnesota high school


Dave Huber - Assistant Editor March 2, 2017

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