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Pigs Back in the Blanket For Good

Commissioner Davis says plainclothes policing in Baltimore is over

“If you can't get them to salute when they should salute and wear the clothes you tell them to wear, how are you going to get them to die for their country?”

- General George S. Patton JR.

It’s just like in the army, isn’t it? All too often once you let the young soldiers dress like banditos, it isn’t too long before they start acting like banditos. According to the article the BPD is not eliminating ALL plainclothes/undercover operations, rather it is putting some of the special squads that were operating in plainclothes back into uniform in an effort to instill some discipline and restraint in them. I suspect these “knockers” squads weren’t all that hard to spot anyway in their tactical vests and baseball caps. ”Military age” white guys and blacks guys riding together in a sedan is frequently a giveaway as well. Does this change in uniform signal a change in the priority of effort of the BPD away from drug busting toward community protection?

“Known on the streets as "knockers" or "jump-out boys," the officers were most often seen wearing tactical vests, jeans and backwards hats as they prowled the city for guns and drugs. Davis said they have also been the officers most likely to be the subject of complaints, and he had become increasingly concerned that their style "accelerated a cutting-corners mindset." On Tuesday night, he ordered 46 officers from the agency's centralized intelligence unit back into uniformed patrol. Another 100 officers in operations squads in districts were ordered into uniform last week.”

“Davis said some officers — such as those assigned to federal task forces, the vice squad, Regional Auto Theft Task Force and Warrant Apprehension Task Force, will continue to work in plainclothes. He is not doing away with undercover units, which are distinct from plainclothes officers.”

Commissioner Davis says plainclothes policing in Baltimore is over

Justin Fenton |

Westminster woman found dead in Reisterstown

She went to Owings Mills to buy drugs and ended up dead in Reisterstown. Gosh, she was just going to meet some people to buy some dope, what could have gone wrong?

Kristin Marie Spurrier was last seen alive Feb. 4

Male Shot During Road Rage Incident in Frederick County

WBAL | 2017-03-08T04:23:00Z

Maryland State Police officials say, a man was shot Tuesday afternoon during a road rage incident in Frederick.

Troopers from the Frederick Barrack were dispatched at 4:35 p.m., to westbound US RT 340 after receiving a 911 call for an assault occurring on the shoulder of the highway.

Two vehicles became involved in an altercation while traveling westbound on US RT 340 near the RT 15 Leesburg split.

Both of the male drivers exited their vehicles and a verbal argument escalated into physical altercation. The male suspects involved were a 26-year-old male from Martinsburg, West Virginia and a 52-year-old male from Sharpsburg, Maryland. During the physical altercation, the 26-year-old male produced a handgun and shot the 52-year-old male in the leg and foot.

The injured 52 year-old-male was flown to Shock Trauma while the 26-year-old male was transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital. There were no other occupants in either vehicle.

Charges are pending as the investigation continues.

Man robbed senior citizens at knifepoint in Brooklyn Park

Updated: 6:41 PM EST Mar 7, 2017

Lowell Melser

News Reporter, Meteorologist

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