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At the SJW Gates
Civil War Update: 3/9/17

Trump Administration Must Use Civil Rights Law To Defend #BasedStickMan, Supporters Against Berkeley Anarcho-Tyranny

Good point. The civil rights of white Trump supporters are being violated by paid Communist thugs. What is the U.S. Justice Department doing about this travesty? The Left has been using “law-fare” against American patriots for over a half century now. Isn’t it about time they get paid back in the same coin? Read on.

“The wise learn many things from their enemies.”

- Aristophanes

Trump Administration Must Use Civil Rights Law To Defend #BasedStickMan, Supporters Against Berkeley Anarcho-Tyranny

No Charges for Based Stick Man

A Law-fare victory for the Right!

The Leftie powers-that-be in Berkeley gave in because the Alt-right supporters of Stick Man were prepared to fight hard in court and put the Berkeley PD and Berkley city government on trial for their perfidy and malfeasance in allowing the Soros paid Communist thugs to attack the peaceful Trump rally. The Lefties didn’t want to be exposed. Like they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. One of the lessons to learn from OJ Simpson’s murder trial is that OJ’s legal Dream Team won an acquittal by impeaching the evidence against OJ, as well the integrity of the entire LA police department. OJ’s panel of lawyers made everyone involved in the murder investigation look like liars, racists and/or incompetents. This discredited all the prosecution evidence against OJ in the eyes of the jury. On top of that during the jury selection process the Dream Team skillfully packed the jury with people who were predisposed to mistrust the LAPD, predisposed to have feelings of racial solidarity toward OJ and also who doubted the validity of DNA testing. When interviewed after the trial many of these jurors revealed that they believed that DNA tests could produce false positive results, just like pregnancy and drug tests. So what seemed like a long shot was merely the result of clever strategy, diligent and methodical preparation and artful presentation of the defense.

Remember, this kind of high-powered legal representation doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth if it keeps you from having your life ruined by a felony conviction and a prison sentence. So don’t skimp. These days internet based crowd funding can help even a person of modest financial means to raise the money for an effective and energetic legal defense, such that you don’t necessarily have to settle for a court appointed lawyer if you don’t have a lot of money in the bank. All a public defender is likely to do for you is plea bargain your prison sentence down. They’re not accustomed to defending innocent people, nor do they have a lot of incentive to do extra work to keep someone out of jail who isn’t paying their salary. Keep in mind our legal system is an adversarial system and as such it works as intended. It doesn’t always produce a just and equitable outcome and it is susceptible to being gamed and manipulated by both sides, but at the same time it does give the accused ample opportunity to defend himself and convince a jury of his peers that he is not guilty and should be set free. Having competent legal counsel if and when you are charged with a crime can make all the difference in the world in the disposition of your case. This was as true back during the Salem Witch Trials as it is today.

No charges for BasedStickman

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