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Tilting at Rocky Mountain Windmills
Ishmael on Nature, Race, The Zman and Science-Fiction

We had snowstorm last night, still looking for part of my greenhouse, power out till this morning, all morning to get the city's treatment plant running again. Came in to rest and watched a documentary on sustainable farming, we farmed like this 50 yrs ago, some of the problems that cause problems with the toxic life we live, is addressed here, my belief is that the majority of man has divorced himself from the land. I continually look for answers, found some here. Sustainable, Documentary on Netflix. Sandhill cranes, arrived back yesterday, geese too, horned owl has been chasing tail in my backyard, hope spring is here, been a rough winter!

Ishmael the Jew?

I've been called various names in my life, White trash, shit kicker, clod hopper, hillbilly, redneck, there is a difference by the way, the hill folk, and flat lander, I'm more of the hill variety, first time for me to be thought a Hebrew. I will clarify, the name Ishmael means outsider, hostile, has a beef with everyone, look it up on Wikipedia, which pretty much sums me up, even with my family, in school as a youth, at work. I also was very ill in my youth, if it had not been for my reading habits, would have graduated from high school at 20. I read many books, one was Moby Dick, my favorite.

Dodged the Grim Reaper, twice before this illness, a dog dragged me for a quarter mile, my hand under his collar, my father trained bird dogs, was trying to catch a unruly retriever for my dad, smashed my head into a very solid building, but my hand came free, I was 5. Was trapped under water in a barrel, a dumb kid pushed me in a creek, it landed open end down, wedged in the rocks, enough mud to create suction, my small arms too weak to escape, the water got up to my chin, lucky for me my father saw the kid run up the road, came to investigate, drank some ditch water, but my Dad saved my life. This formed some of me, and my beliefs, it's all good, learned so much, is why I joined you gentlemen on this blog, to teach and learn, learned a lot more because of fellow bloggers, still have no concrete idea why I joined, Yet, Sam, as some Americans I'm a mutt, Norse, Neanderthal, Cherokee, Welch, Scotch, possibly Jew, will do a DNA test, so you can be more precise.

Thanks Sam, Ishmael.

The Z Blog | Sports, Culture and Other Stuff

The Z man is on a roll, James you have talked of this, here we are.

Economic Trials Looming

My son was flying international, guy next to him was talkative, mid range adviser for commercial real estate, commented on next possible bankruptcy, he was worried.

The Destroyer of Worlds

Read the Foundation series, 25 yrs ago, may prove to be a bullseye for the Z man. The beltway is rabid, will be had to put the mad dogs down.

Desperate times, apparently touched by the great white one! Please kid, cut them off now before it's too late!

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PRMarch 22, 2017 10:55 PM UTC

I'm not denying their antagonism, I'm denying it's the long pole in the tent that is our collapse.
BobMarch 13, 2017 11:08 PM UTC

In the comment of March 11, 2017 9:09 PM, I wrote:

"in the absence of strong inter-group blood ties" - this should read "intra-group ties"

Sam J.March 12, 2017 12:53 AM UTC

"...I get tired of people blaming Jews for the collapse of the West because they are generally pretty disorganized...

Blaming Jews also distracts from the right people to blame: ourselves. If we were even slightly organized, moral and had spines, all this would not be happening..."

Here we go. Don't blame the Jews yet every fucking day the Jew owned media hides, best they can, massive attacks on Whites. Don't even try to dispute it. The Jews own the major TV, Newspapers, magazines, movie studios, radio stations and all of them are one big echo chamber for policies that are bad for Whites. All the schools are run by Jews due to their control of the previous named institutions and every one of them is promoting things bad for Whites. Jews are constantly telling Whites we should all die off or be bred out to not be White anymore. Now if you can't tell this is hostile then you have no common sense at all. So yeah I blame the Jews. They have a very, very, very long history of massacring people when they get control over them. Spain, Egypt, Russia, Germany, I could go on but you get the idea.

Saying that it's all Whites fault that we're being abused by the Jews is like saying that if James is attacked by Groids then it's all his fault. Well yes he could move but he's got to live somewhere and what kind of excuse is it to blame someone when they are attacked by people who have no business acting that evil in the first place? It's nonsensical.

The positions of the people here are illogical. They say it's all our fault and we're divided but then when someone actually confronts the Jew State and their merry Dindus they condemn them as nothing but fools and Knaves.

My position is clear. Clear as a bell. My people come first. Yes we may have some serious mad hatters in the White gene pool and some of them may be not worth more than the flies that hang around shit but all the other races have just as bad or worse. My people first. Doesn't mean I want to enslave the Groids or gas the Jews but if it comes to it they must go to save my people.

Bob Whitaker said, and I paraphrase(poorly)," All the bad things that other races condemn Whites for doing not a single one of them has not done the same thing, but many good things the White race has done not many of them have done at all".

All of you Whites here need to realize that all the other races feel like I do towards them. They care about their people first and to hell with you. They may say different but their actions show them to be liars.

The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths and even if I'm wrong about that if you assume that they are you will never be surprised and their behavior will always make sense.
BobMarch 11, 2017 9:09 PM UTC

Last point, lest I court the "ranting anti-Semite" label. To address PR's legitimate point about the dearth of unity, moral fortitude etc. amongst whites, one could do worse than read "The Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald. This work addresses the way Organized Jewish intellectual movements penetrated and ultimately dominated all important institutions of the West (Church, State, academe, popular culture) which formerly served as binding agent in the absence of strong inter-group blood ties.

Our singular institutions were a synthetic version of the extended family power structure which prevails in every other part of the world. Over the better part of a century they have been turned against us, and uniquely us. On this last point we're all on the same page.
BobMarch 11, 2017 8:31 PM UTC

Yoav Shamir's 2009 film "Defamation" is also excellent for getting into the bunker-mentality that Organized Jewry promotes relentlessly amongst Jews. Again, not all Jews or even a majority of Jews are working for the downfall of the West, but amongst forces hostile to the West, Jews figure disproportionately.
BobMarch 11, 2017 8:02 PM UTC

Whilst I appreciate the anecdotal comments from PR and Mr. LaFond (I too can think of many Jews I've liked or socialized with), small sample size renders any sort of broad conclusion about an ethnic group pretty well meaningless. (I've known plenty of obnoxious and untrustworthy ones, too).

I think it an incontrovertible fact that Jewish identity is real (the Israelis have mooted blood tests for those Russian emigrées unable to provide documentary/genealogical proof of their Jewish bloodline and who wish to make Aliyah). There is a real them/us demarcation, initiated and reinforced by religious doctrine.

Anyone with a curious disposition should read Kevin MacDonald's trilogy on the Jews (the actual works, not reviews). Diaspora peoples are poorly understood by the host population, but what should be obvious is that to survive and thrive as a smaller, foreign group within a larger, potentially hostile one requires careful strategizing and unity in the face of opposition. Yuri Slezkine's Apollonian/Mercurian dichotomy is useful here, too.

I'm with Sam J. on the Jewish Question. It does exist, and Jews themselves agonize over it. It behooves non-Jews to read the media and publications that are directed specifically to a Jewish and not a general public, ie. the Jewish community newspapers written specifically for diaspora Jews as well as the Israeli newspapers. A deliberate effort is required, but the pay-off is a better understanding of the them/us dynamic.
PRMarch 11, 2017 12:23 AM UTC

I've never met a Jew named "Ishmael." No Jew would name their kid "Ishmael" because he was not the chosen son of Abraham, Isaac was. I've met plenty of Jews named Isaac.

I get tired of people blaming Jews for the collapse of the West because they are generally pretty disorganized. Owing to their intelligence, there are a lot of rich traitorous Jews like George Soros who need to be marched off to the gallows along with their rich goyish counterparts.

Blaming Jews also distracts from the right people to blame: ourselves. If we were even slightly organized, moral and had spines, all this would not be happening.
responds:March 11, 2017 11:01 AM UTC

PR, as a man who has had numerous Jewish friends, two lovers and 14 Jewish bosses, I can tell you that most American Jews from the Baltimore area, IN ALL INCOME BRACKETS, would rather use a gentile to screw over their brother-in-law then use another Jew to screw over a gentile.
BobMarch 10, 2017 10:56 PM UTC

I don't buy this whole Dylan Roof story, so I feel no need to rationalize motives, let alone exculpate. No photos of bodies; witnesses who show no emotion other than turn-the-other-cheek, saccharine sweetness. Grieving blacks deadpanning it? No way!

There's a highly organized defamation strategy against whitey being run by government and MSM. Government creates the "event" and media spin it.
responds:March 11, 2017 11:05 AM UTC

I suspect—and I am a certified crackpot—that a U.S. intelligence agent from whatever agency it matters moist to, talked Roof into doing this, posing as an ancient alien or whatever. This was just too idiot-clean.
IshmaelMarch 10, 2017 2:37 PM UTC

Sam, like James, if I pick a fight in this battle, could be my last, I would not waste my time with some whites, as a race, yes I stay with my people, with information given, lean towards the Norse, and Cherokee, see my problem, Ishmael was a outcast, Arabic I think, I've always been a outcast, that is the basis for my moniker, nothing to do with color or politics, or my taste in sex, love women, about masculine behavior, that is reason for my support of this blog, have resorted to rash behavior in the past, beware of rabid behavior, and when you commit, go whole hog!
Sam J.March 10, 2017 12:18 AM UTC

The name Ishmael sounds Jewish. Maybe my ignorance but I've no doubt that others would have the same notions. You provided verbal support to the belittling of Whites who want to keep their culture, were attacked by Negros throwing stones at them, then seemed to basically agree that the State solution was all their doing and that Whites have no right to defend themselves if Blacks throw stones at them. Well if that's not a Jewish position to undermine White people in the USA, hell I don't know what is.

You don't want people to wonder if you're Jewish don't pick a Jewy sounding handle and agree with the Jews when Whites are attacked. Hardly my fault you picked that name and position.

You as well as I know there is a vast amount of Jewish Hasbara that pretend to be "honest" Americans who slightly and slowly push the perception that, the State can not be defeated and that acquiescence is the proper thing to do to the State, which in actuality is guided if not run by the Jews.

Also I did say,"...Maybe Ishmal is Jewish..." and even if your not if you support their positions then what's the difference.

Frankly I can't understand why you people should be astonished at my position. I say we're being ganged up on by other races and being unfairly treated in society and the courts and your peoples position seems to be that only a fool would fight with Negros when you're attacked and that since they were foolish we should make fun of them and write them off.

I notice the "what would you do", appears to me to be a sort of,"well why don't you storm the Douglas County jail, ha ha snicker, snicker". I never claimed to be a hero. I never claimed to be some great stick fighter or any sort like that. The only thing I've ever claimed is to be able to sometimes come out on top when attacked and sometimes get my ass kicked if they were larger than me. No great hero am I.

It appears to me that the difference between our positions is that I refuse to "morally" abandon the position of support for those that strike back. Even Dylann Roff. I'm not saying Whites should do a lot of random shooting of Blacks but I perfectly understand why they do so and I do not condemn them for it as long as Blacks are hunting Whites. I'd be willing to bet ever dime I had that if there were a thousand Dylann Roffs a year Black violence against Whites would recede or at least Blacks would start talking about how the Niggers are going to get them all killed if they don't stop attacking the White Man. Now my position may be foolish and with my support and a couple of bucks you can get a cup of coffee. That's not to say it is not of any worth. It only becomes of value when many other Whites start taking the same position that I do. My people first. Even if Whites fuck up I'm for them if they are fighting back against the Judeo State.

Doesn't mean I'll be cooking up explosives for them but I still support them morally. Men will undergo great hardships and do quite mad and hopeless things if they feel they are morally correct and others support them. How would Bob Dole feel if he came back from WWII almost killed by machine gun fire and everyone made fun of him because,"Well everyone knows you don't charge a machine gun"? Morally supporting those fighting against the people crushing us is one the most important weapons we have.

I support the 1488 crowd. Not because I'm a Nazi or a White Supremacist but because they're against my enemies. I support Richard Spencer. Even if he doesn't always go about things perfectly or the way I like. I support the American Renaissance crowd even though I believe their cozening up to the Jews will get them no where. I even support Republicans cucks if they're doing the right thing. I think this important even if you fellows do not.
BaruchKMarch 9, 2017 6:28 PM UTC

Ishmael means "G-d will hear."
IshmaelMarch 9, 2017 3:44 PM UTC

Scottish not Scotch, do have this in my blood at times!