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Anarcho-Tyranny Patrolling
A Man Question from Mescaline Franklin

“Let’s say you’ve got five six families living on a block and the men want to keep it safe, what then would you suggest as procedures? I know you’re inclined to say don’t organize openly, but you’re a pioneer when it comes to surviving in the shitty environments that the Chosen are determined to make our cities into.”

-Mescaline Franklin

One, you never patrol as a full group because that 1) marks you out as vigilantes and invites the hammer, 2) means you aren’t covering most the time slots, 3) puts the families in danger of being totally unprotected if all five guys get rounded up by the pigs.

You need intelligence the most: who is threatening who and where are they coming from?

If they’re around the corner, that’s an entirely different thing than dealing with raiders, which is mostly of what I deal with.

One big drawback in terms of being targeted by the pigs is that gangs and do-it-yourself tribes tend to be based on masculine and racial identity and include no outliers, which retards intelligence and makes you easy to spot. Destroying the family is the smartest thing the State ever did. What you need is men of different ages, from older teens to seniors working intelligence gathering, baiting soft comers—the rookies and newbies and prospects that get sent out on raids to prove themselves—and identify and ward off the hard comers.

If you are Asians, or Latinos or Jews, or some other group who is allowed to mass and share identity, unlike gentile whites—I know it’s not fair but it is what it is—then you can actually lobby politicians, ask for police advice, all kinds of stuff. But if you are white you are not permitted to act as a group. Governments like to remain alive and growing and the people who took down just about every government that ever got got, looked like you and me.

After intelligence: identifying threats by frequency, severity and target, then you need to patrol in a low key fashion, old man walking with his cane during the morning, two young adults together, but physical]y separate[1] during clutch raiding times and the guys with messed up schedules filling in the gaps. Just being a neighborhood where there is always an able bodied and attentive man visible and moving about, takes your residential area off of criminal hit lists and means you mainly have to make nice with the pigs, who shouldn’t be a problem unless you swarm some crook.

I know that this whole neo-masculinity, tribalism thing that we are a part of, one way or the other, says that you pack up and act like ancient douchebag warriors. But that is just stupid.

You are fighting an insurgency as an insurgency with no conventional backup. You have two enemies that tend not to complement each other, so your priority needs to be not setting it up so you get smashed between.

Let’s say five of you beat the piss out of a sainted Dindu who was only trying to ask the old lady for the time and was only smacking her so she would raise her voice—brutha’s got a right to the time you know—then his people come after your people while you are all in jail. And who pays for defending five guys?

What you want is one guy doing the work and the rest serving as witnesses or legal fee donators.

Think like a criminal, act like a concerned citizen and don’t forget who sent the Dindus—the same people who will send the police if you maim or kill or act out on video. Your instinct might be to gather in a group—and since this is a bitch nation that bitch instinct makes sense. But you never pack up in a mass right in front of a heavy piece of ordinance, which is what that smart phone in the hand of the mugger’s friend is, the Eye of Government-as-God.


1. Two guys together are magnets for mob strength packs and gun-armed trios and foursomes. You are better off being in visual contact, but not in the arc that can be covered by one handgun.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Jeremy BenthamMarch 10, 2017 1:44 AM UTC

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Be on your guard. " - Matthew 10:16-17 (NIV)

"Think like a criminal, act like a concerned citizen and don’t forget who sent the Dindus—the same people who will send the police if you maim or kill or act out on video."

That is sage advice James. Ignore it your peril people! Yeah if the dindus manage to video tape you shouting the n-word in a confrontation with a dindu mob it's going to make it look like you started the fight when it is presented as evidence against you in court. Remember everybody out there has a smart phone/video camera nowadays.
responds:March 10, 2017 1:42 PM UTC

Jeremy, military men like you, Baruch and others I am sure, understand how to build group cohesion. I'm a one on one coach just a guy shaping the man. I'd like it if you military men came up with some ideas on building small group cohesion.
KoanicMarch 10, 2017 12:25 AM UTC

> I know that this whole neo-masculinity, tribalism thing that we are a part of, one way or the other, says that you pack up and act like ancient douchebag warriors. But that is just stupid.

Thanks for the warning and how-to.

The problem of how to build cohesion out of atomized men remains. It's a Millenial problem which you may not appreciate, but for us it's quite real.

What you describe requires cohesion. It would be good to know how to build that.
responds:March 10, 2017 1:40 PM UTC

I deal with a lot of millennia emasculation as a boxing and weapons coach.

As a loner type, I am not qualified to offer cohesion advice for the normal man, only for those of my type—who have their won need to augment and serve cohesive groups. I am just trying to make the human bricks stronger. Someone else will have to build the wall.

For unit building you should look to ball sports like rugby and to group fighting formats like what those Russian soccer hooligans do I the fields in Russia.
MaslonMarch 9, 2017 10:44 PM UTC

Thank you, James. Your writings are great and your prodigious production is an inspiration. Keep walking those streets!
responds:March 10, 2017 1:45 PM UTC

I really appreciate your compliments, Maslon.

I did not realize how much I would enjoy walking that stretch of desolate road again.

this site has really pushed me to learn as a reader and as a writer.
La ManoMarch 9, 2017 12:51 PM UTC

This is some of the best-sounding and most practical advice I've seen on the subject.

We do something very much like that out here in the country where I live. If there's a car parked that no one recognizes, or guys walking the roads that look suspicious (and, individually, we get to PROFILE like mad as long as we keep it to ourselves), then whoever sees it either acts or calls someone else in the neighborhood who can.

Word gets around; and incidences of need to confront go down ....