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More Wretched Refuse
Escape from America update - 17 migrants crossing into Canada rescued in blizzard, as mounting numbers desperately flee U.S.

Escape from America Update. More wretched refuse of some foreign shore yearning to live free at other people’s expense risk their lives to flee the evil, racist, chaotic United States of America and seek refuge in peaceful, humane, welcoming Canada. The alternative is for them to get sent back to their third world home country where they will be ruled by other people of color. Horrors!

© Google maps Emerson is in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Heavy winds and blinding snow were sweeping through the tiny town of Emerson, Canada, around dawn on Wednesday morning when the call came in to local fire chief Jeff French: a group of asylum seekers from the United States had just crossed the Canadian border, but got pinned down by the blizzard somewhere on the outskirts of town.

With roads closed in the area, temperatures in the single digits and winds gusting at 50 mph, French and his crew dispatched the town’s transit bus to rescue them.

Shortly after 7 a.m., firefighters found 17 people huddled together in a rickety wooden storage shed near an old golf course, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. Among them was a 1-year-old baby and a pregnant woman.

The rescue was a jarring reminder of the risks migrants have taken since the beginning of the year as they’ve fled to Canada in increasing numbers to escape a crackdown on undocumented immigrants by the Trump administration.


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