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Ghetto Gourmet Recipe Validated By Naturalpath

Prairie Butter

Hey, dude

Hope all is well with you but still fucked up on the eastern seaboard. You need those stories/incidents to write about. After all, it's your bread and butter. Which brings me to my question. What file did you put the prairie butter recipe in?

Oddly enough my Natural doc told me today about how good bone marrow is for my arthritis. Glycol or some shit in it that helps. She suggested making soup from it. I told her hell we make prairie butter with it too. Either are beneficial. Your recipe is the cats meow and I'm almost out of butter. Must make more. Remember where you might have filed it?

Take care amigo!!!


Here it is, Shayne

Prairie Butter

More yummy recipes will be found under the ghetto Gourmet tag at the top of the article.

Take care and thanks for keeping in touch.


Contingency Cannibalism Disclaimer

Dear readers, bone marrow should be gotten from elk, deer, bison, moose and other wild fed game animals. Due to a diet heavy in Twinkies, Poptarts, Koolaid, Tastycakes, distilled beverages, tobacco and other refined GMO-laden foods it is not recommended that hoodrats, hillbillies, Dindus, trailer trash, rednecks, U.S. military personnel, wetbacks, Korean alcoholics, border jumpers or even suburban Negroes, be hunted for their bone marrow.

However, in case of an EMP blast or other fall of civilization scenario, it is recommended that hunting and consumption of humans be limited to hippies, hipsters, Africans just off the boat, yuppies, Hindus, vegans, Muslims, body builders, UFC fighters, or devout Hebrews immediately after Passover.

Thank you and may your post-apocalyptic dining experience be all it can be.

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IshmaelMarch 10, 2017 8:51 PM UTC

Hey you old hillbilly! First he tells use he can't shoot, then he shots fairly well, then he whips up some killer praire butter, the only thing that irritates me about the dude is mixing perfecting good rye with beer!