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'The Cause is Not Down With You'
No Whites Allowed at University of Michiganby the Hardest Working White Man on You Tube

Below is a selection of recent stories on the Race War in America, a war that working class people who live in American cities know about, but which the media at large is blind to. This is so wearying and so important.

I love the story of the shop owner defeating Dindu gunmen with Orange Crush soda!

This is the war that is unreported and is only being one because almost nobody is fighting back.

"Yo, ged dat Bible Bitch!"

"It's a nice area...but..."

On the second video look 30 seconds in to see where feminism gets a girl in Dindustan. The Fallen State broadcaster, Jesse Lee Peterson is just great.

A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk

A Partial Exhumation of the American Dream

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