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'A House Full of Girls'
Sex slavery in suburban Atlanta.

The story below is the tip of a vast iceberg of sex slavery in the U.S. my estimate, from going to strip clubs and interviewing terrified girls, and also based on online solicitations, is that we have 16 girls enslaved in Baltimore City, about two per strip club or 10% of dancers. In Atlanta there are 300-plus strip clubs. Do the math. There are more of these houses and hotel suites too.

"It's a house full of girls and ... if I try to leave, he'll try to kill me and stuff," she said, prompting the dispatcher to ask, "Wait — did you say you're in a house full of girls?"

“In total, eight women ranging from ages 19 to 22 were found at the home, said Sgt. Sam Worsham.”

“Atlanta remains one of the largest hubs in the country for sexual exploitation and human trafficking, federal authorities say.”

8 Women Found Held in $1M Georgia Home: Cops


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Sam J.March 14, 2017 12:00 AM GMT+4

"...White Knight..."

You misunderstand. I would not be against the legalization, with regulation, of prostitution. I'm against illegal prostitution as it causes societal breakdown and lawlessness.

"...Remember back in the 80's when the thing was kinderKareSatanists..."

Yeah I remember that. Remember how they said that the kids at Presido base made every thing up and swept it under the rug. Well some of the kids have sexually transmitted diseases.

What about these people who were let go because,"It was an internal CIA matter"?

What about Lincoln savings and loan scandal. There were two books written about it and a film that was censored. You can get the film bootlegged from YouTube. He doesn't stress it because he says he can't prove it but notes in his book most of the kids say there were Satanic rituals as part of the molestation.

How about this girl who was a part of a larger investigation in the second link. Covered up.

It's not White Knighting to be against this sort of thing. It's about being against corruption that is destroying our countries. Most these cases are joined up with blackmail of legislative members.
mebbemebbenotMarch 12, 2017 10:19 PM GMT+4

So yeah, careful there White Knight. I invite you to explore some, then letz see where you wanna go with this whole sex slavery thing. Remember back in the 80's when the thing was kinderKareSatanists. Ms. McNeill is rather full of herself, and see if you can figure out why she has such a problem with cops (note - itz not just her chosen career) but you have to admit, the level of rhetoric about this in the public eye is way disproportionate.
Sam J.March 12, 2017 1:11 AM GMT+4

I'm hardly a prude and I'm not exactly against strip clubs but this kind of corruption destroys cities and communities. You know if this is going on somewhere in the law enforcement there's corruption also. That they can't just run away to the cops says something. Corruption is eating our country up. We're turning into a third world country.

Remember the old movie "Walking Tall" with Buford Pusser? That's what happens to a city that lets in that kind of corruption. I always liked that movie.