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Saving Your Ass
And Keeping it Out of Prison—with Jeremy "Lights On" Bentham

If Someone Threatens to Kill You, Can You Legally Respond With Force?    

"I'll Kill You" Texas Law - U.S. Law Shield - Gun Law Center

Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Gordon Cooper says that words alone are not enough to justify use of force or deadly force in an escalating situation. However, when coupled with a threatening action, it’s a whole different ballgame.


According to the law words alone are never a justification for violence. No insult can ever be an excuse for a physical assault. If you are white that is. The reality in our society is that if you are a white person and you use the N-word that is sufficient provocation to excuse black people for beating on you. Even the courts will be inclined to believe that you had your ass-whupping coming, and will see that as a mitigating factor in passing sentence on your assailant(s). Which is why dindu hooligans will attempt to bait you into uttering the N-word. So be warned YT. This is a racist society with different treatment for different races. White people are held responsible for everything they say. Black people are treated by the System like they all have Tourette’s Syndrome, or some other such impulse control disorder, and cannot control what they say, and therefore cannot be held as responsible as whites under identical circumstances. “He was talking from the heart.” Many judges and district attorneys in our major metro jurisdictions are social justice warriors who see it as their duty to help individuals from oppressed minorities escape serious punishment for their indiscretions. The fact that the oppressed offenders end up eventually doing long stretches in the penitentiary anyway just illustrates how often they come before the bench and for what types of offenses. Like they say in the public defender’s office, “Everybody needs an eleventh chance”. Responding to a Verbal Challenge

By Kevin Michalowski // 01/16/2017



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LaManoMarch 12, 2017 3:37 PM UTC

A lot of good information in this post and in the videos.

Like James is ALWAYS saying, there's no sense in getting into a street fight - both are going to lose, including the guy still standing once the witnesses are finished lying about it. You have to KNOW when it's gone from a "fight" to "self-defense".