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Canadians arrested for acting like Americans and More

Ontario man facing multiple charges after 31 guns seized

“The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.”

- A.E. Van Vogt, “The Weapon Shops of Isher”, 1951

"That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer’s cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”

- George Orwell

“It's the second time in approximately four months that Barrie police have made a significant seizure of prohibited weapons.”


Ontario man facing multiple charges after 31 guns seized


No Texting!

“Many respectable writers agree that if a man reasonably believes that he is in immediate danger of death or grievous bodily harm from his assailant he may stand his ground and that if he kills him he has not exceeded the bounds of lawful self-defense. That has been the decision of this court.” (Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Brown v. United States, 1921)

“Detached reflection cannot be demanded in the presence of an uplifted knife.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


From the beginning  the anti-gun Left has always charged  that “Stand Your Ground” (SYG) laws are “shoot first , ask questions alter laws” intended to give fearful whites an excuse to shoot blacks. The reality is that in Florida, since the law was first enacted, most Stand Your Ground defense claims have been made by blacks. This only makes sense since blacks are more likely to live in crime ridden neighborhoods where residents are more likely to have confrontations with criminals on the street. SYG was intended to give the armed citizens forced to defend themselves in public the benefit of the doubt and keep anti-gun persecutors from second-guessing them into a conviction by identifying all manner of avenues of retreat in court after the fact when during the actual event the armed citizen had all of about a half second to decide what to do.


In this particular case, the ex-cop is being charged because there is abundant evidence he started the altercation that lead to the shooting. 

Massad Ayoob explains the Stand Your Ground Law – 16:36 (2012)


A .380 semi-automatic handgun  sits on a newspaper (ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Stand your ground’ defense denied for ex-cop in theater texting killing


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