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Obummer Books
Ishmael's Reading List for the Last Week of Winter

The Booger Man

Read this, shot it full of holes, and repeat after me, there is no booger man there is no booger man, listening just gave me A.D.D.

Federal Heavy-Duty

As in all conflicts, the winners write the outcome, books and blogs, are my only way to try and decide, who to believe, the media has cut their own throat in our current arena.

Having witnessed some, not all of the actions by government, and the media, you rarely hear them say, "Oops we screwed up, heads must roll if we are to keep order."

Once balance is removed from two entity's [media and government] The representatives of our government are not our friends. I have come to believe this from my observations. The haves and the have nots—the state gains power from the tip of a spear!

Obummer books

Stick to the classics, tried to read the belt way bozos. Staying power, just like music, literature, good literature, my grandkids still listen to Zep!

Ishmael, the two most shocking things about today's white kids is 1) so many of them smoke, and 2) they either listen to hip hop or they listen to what we listened to. They literally have no music of their own other than the techno remixing, which is just remixing.


Food for thought, white nose fungus has decimated our oldest ancestor, if you have followed Darwin, and his students.Being a hunter of mushrooms the only thing I can sneak up on nowdays, the delivery system of this tasty item, is very fast, winds have carried the same type, let's say porcini shrooms, to every place that they can grow in the world. Yes they are the second globalist, after bacteria. The lungs and blood, as the exchange takes place is perfect for some fungus.

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Sam J.March 14, 2017 12:11 AM UTC

That poor little brown bat was completely covered up with fungus.