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Stash House Raid
In The Baltimore/ Washington D.C. Spedroom Community of Laurel

Laurel was once a middleclass refuge from the tide of crime rising from the sewers of Baltimore and Washington D.C. The original occupants were more from the D.C. than Baltimore area, but the criminals moving in in recent years are most likely to hail from the suburbs just south of Baltimore in Anne Arundel County. Laurel is now septic. I worked security details in that area six and seven years ago, and while successful dealing with thugs and armed gang members, some of my people were getting picked off by gunmen, so I told the venue organizer she needed a police detail. The stash house hit below will be experienced by suburban readers across the county in the coming decade, as dindu gangs set up stash houses and head quarters close to the point of sale, to the degenerate, white, suburban youth who do nothing so much as get high.

the thing that is particularly galling about this story is that "Home Invasion" is a crime designation that the police readily slap on criminal-on-criminal crime. But, in Baltimore County, when there is a home invasions it gets reclassified as destruction of property, burglary or robbery. Lone dindus kicking in grandma's door to get her purse in Baltimore County, in three instances that I have detailed information, were classified by BCPD as those three lesser crimes.

2 arrested in Laurel home invasion, shooting


Anne Arundel County police arrested two men early Sunday in connection with a home invasion and shooting in Laurel.

County police said officers were called at 12:26 a.m. to the 8100 block of Edge Rock Way, where two men were shot. Police said two other men forced their way into the house and shot the victims before fleeing in a silver car.

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Jeremy BenthamMarch 13, 2017 4:54 PM UTC

Fascinating. Yes, the handful of "home Invasion" robberies that have occurred in my part of the country would be more accurately described as "stash house raids" too. So far we have had very, very few actual home invasion robberies. Thank goodness. Of course that could change very quickly as economic and social conditions change.