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Brutality Roundup:
Keep Your Eye on the Murder Weapons! By Eirik Bloodaxe

Ladies, gentlemen, and the 32 other genders, we have a show for you tonight. Just keep your eyes on the murder’s weapon. Please, no flatulence.

Axes… so you like them too? Why, take a look at the Dusseldorf axe attack where a man, a Muslim from Kosovo, said by the “we cannot tell a lie” news media to be not a terrorist, but mentally ill, injured nine with his axe:

Then, blow me over, there was another attack in Dusseldorf, this time by an asylum seeker wielding a machete. He picked on an 80-year old man:

Again, it is not terrorism, right?

An armed gang raiding and looting at the University of Johannesburg, is just normal for South Africa:,

and White squatter camps across South Africa are now as common as farm murders, with 400,000 whites now living in dirt-level poverty, or if you prefer, normal by African standards:

Kenya, birthplace, I have heard from the comments of Malik Obama, of Barrack Hussein Obama

(, is doing its bit to ensure that this is the end of Whites in Africa, as AK-47 armed tribesmen raid white farms, rape, torture and murder


The government allows this, but apparently they don’t do anything constructive or productive with the land, ensuring their own ultimate elimination by natural selection when food resources crash in the global famines of the present and future:

So much for guns and bladed weapons. Migrants wanting to break through the border into Spain, at Ceuta and Melilla, are now using iron bars (probably mild steel bars) to attack border guards:

No doubt, they consider this training for all the fun awaiting them in cucked Northern Europe.

Finally, speaking of the cucked, in Islamic Sweden, comes this headline: “Migrants Slice Woman’s Throat Open, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It”:

The grammar is not so hot, but you get the point, or the edge of the idea.

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BobMarch 14, 2017 3:32 AM UTC

I think Obama's birth certificate, while genuine, is fraudulent in the sense that his actual father is most likely to have been Frank Marshall Davis.
Phil BMarch 13, 2017 5:29 PM UTC

Yes - there is so little terrorism in Germany that the bored shitless GSG9 (Grenschutz Gruppe 9 - the anti terror response unit set up to counter ... errr ... terrorism) attends every minor incident of fisticuffs in the street. Even though German Police carry handguns as a matter of course.

You would think that because they are so underemployed, GSG9 would be disbanded, eh? (The World NEEDS a sarcasm font).
guestMarch 13, 2017 2:47 PM UTC

Speaking of, here is a podcast interview with the white Hispanic vigilante George Zimmerman:

from the ProArms Podcast: