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Raping the USA
One of the Spoils of War and Invasion By Professor X

Forget about the bullshit sociology which I once taught in my day job at an insignificant US college; sociobiology rocks. Humans are just another pissing, shitting, eating and fucking animal species, and the same principles describing the behavior of rats, and other creatures, can and should be applied to them:

Exhibit one: consider the US child rape epidemic

There, Ann Coulter says: “According to North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (, immigrants commit hundreds of sex crimes against children in North Carolina every month—350 in the month of April 2014, 299 in May, and more than 400 in August and September. More than 90 percent of the perpetrators are Hispanic.”

She goes on to say: “Below is a very short excerpt from a few days in November 2013. As Stalin is supposed to have said, sometimes quantity has a quality all its own.

—Abundez, Jose, Juan (11/12/2013): Felony Sex Offense—Parental Role

—Aguilar-Sandoval, Jersson, Iss (11/21/2013): Felony First Degree Sexual Offense; Felony First Degree Rape; Felony First Degree Kidnapping

—Aguilar, Rafael (11/04/2013): Felony Indecent Liberties With Child

—Aguilar, Rigoberto, Castellano (11/04/2013): Felony First Degree Rape; Felony Indecent Liberties With Child; Felony Stat Rape/Sex Offn Def>4-<6yr

(Note: That's sex with a child between 4 and 6 years old.)

—Manzano, Gustavo, Adolfo (11/20/2013): Felony Indecent Liberties With Child; Felony Rape of Child

—Monje, Alcides, Aguilar (11/18/2013): Felony Stat Rape/Sex Offn Def >=6yr; Felony Indecent Liberties With Child, 13.

The list, for a single month in a single state, goes on in the same vein through 87 separate offenders. When not providing North Carolina meatpackers with cheap labor, immigrant workers seem to spend all their time raping little girls.”

The behavior, while morally shocking, is common when one group of warriors conquer another: Thornhill, R. and Palmer, C. (2000), A Natural History of Rape: Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion. Cambridge: MIT Press.

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