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NYT says Rep. Steve King Is “White Nationalist” for Saying “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization with Somebody Else’s Babies.”

"Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit. A state is not the growth of a day. Hence the reception of strangers, in colonies either at time of their foundation or afterwards has generally produced revolution."

-Aristotle, The Politics, Book V

“You can't handle the truth!”

- Jack Nicholson as COL Nathan R. Jessup, “A Few Good Men” (1992)

Do White Nationalists have representation in Congress now? Well The Leftist media has just appointed Congressman Steve King to that post. LOL! Although I don’t think that Congressman King is entirely on board. In fact I suspect he will be invited to appear on all sorts of Leftist news shows so the media talking heads can publically scold him to get his mind right again, and to make an example out of him to anyone who thinks he might agree with him too. Like a classic Communist criticism/self-criticism session.

Of course what Rep. King said is just common sense and logic. Importing large numbers of people from another culture will invariably transform/destroy the culture of the host country rather than preserve it, irrespective of whether a person might think that is good or bad. Especially if the people being imported out reproduce the host nation’s native population. But of course that is what the Left is all about, transforming (destroying) America. The culture and system of government created by the English-speaking, Christian white people who founded America has to go in the Left’s estimation. So English-speaking Christian white Americans have to go.

Of course the irony is that once America is transformed to the Left’s specifications it will be a place where even the Leftists will no longer want to live. Japan wouldn’t be Japan without the Japanese and likewise America won’t be America without a white majority. White Leftists have already established a race-realist doctrine that it is cruel to force people of color to live in countries ruled by other people of color. Those places suck! Therefore POC from the Third World must be allowed to migrate to western countries, where they will, of course, by their numbers transform their new country into the same kind of corrupt, dysfunctional, violent hell-hole they fled in the first place. And on it goes.

Viewing this from a standpoint of tactics and strategy, Rep. King committed a tactical blunder. He is probably unprepared to deal with the shit-storm of Leftist inspired condemnation that is coming his way. Unprepared both on a psychological and a tactical basis to respond to the opposition. So he walked into the metaphorical “kill zone” and is now no doubt puzzled as to why he is taking shots. Really this should not have come as a surprise to Rep. King, or any other Republicans, by now. Republicans will get jumped on whenever they make an Un-PC remark. This has been going on for decades now. How many times does the mule have to kick you before you learn not to walk behind it? If you are Conservative and are going to say something that is likely to be taken as controversial (just about anything common sense these days) be prepared to back it up.

At the same time Rep. King should be aware that a whole lot of people agree with his common sense remark. People who voted him into office no less. The people who agree with him though are largely going to keep quiet about it. The so-called “Silent Majority”. They don’t want to have their beliefs challenged in an angry way, they don’t want to be called racist and they don’t want to be drawn into a fight, verbal or otherwise. Conservative white folks, like Rep. King’s constituents in Iowa, just find angry squabbling to be distasteful, childish and embarrassing, especially in public, so they don’t do it. They especially don’t believe in attacking innocent people minding their own business, even those on the other side (which is why they don’t act like the Left or the dindus). That’s just the way they are. They are going to have to have their backs pushed against the wall before they become inspired to cast off their old manners and sensibilities. But cast them off they will and strike back with a vengeance they will. Have no doubt. The tactical lesson Rep. King should have learned from the successful example of our imperious leader God-Emperor Trump is that whenever the Left objects to something you say amplify and double-down on it. Whatever you do don’t back down. Say, yeah I don’t think American Democracy is going to going to survive without a lot of white people living in America and making it work. I think the people of color who want to come to this country understand that, even if you dumbshit Leftists don’t! What have you got to lose, once the radical Left has singled you out for destruction?

Read “SJWs Always Lie”. If God-Emperor Trump’s bombastic style doesn’t appeal to the Honorable Mr. King, he has our mellow but stalwart VP Mike Pence (a fellow Mid-westerner) as a role model. Most of Rep. King’s constituents will very much appreciate the fact that he willing to stick up for them and push back against Leftist attempts to dispossess and disenfranchise them. And that he is willing to take shots from the Lugen Presse while he is doing so. Even if they won’t always say so. A lot of people really want to see the Leftist Press told off anyway and will support those who do so. Again, even if they won’t always say so. “Fortes fortuna juvat” ( Fortune favors the brave).

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."

- George Washington

NYT: Rep. Steve King Is “White Nationalist” for Saying “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization with Somebody Else’s Babies.” |

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IshmaelMarch 14, 2017 3:08 PM UTC

Would like to tender my application forthcoming, Cabinet, position!!