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Libtard Self-Abortions!
When Do We Want It! Now! By William Rapier

I had this idea for a while, and briefly mentioned it in an article about elite professors telling students of our tribe to kill themselves, but now the idea has been taken where it should go:

This article by J. D. Heyes, makes the logical suggestion that liberals who see abortion as a women’s rights issue, one where any right to life of the fetus is discounted, need to go to the next level: self-abort. No, this is not a return to the bad old coat hanger days – those rusty things are now in the museum – but to kill themselves! It would immediately solve the population problem and everything else. Just the thing for global warming, peak oil and the death of cuddly furry creatures. And, it could all be blamed on Donald J. Trump.

Mr Obama, Mr Soros, this is a project which you could get off the ground, helping to make America beautiful again. Hillary, are you shaking your head because you agree, or are you just glad to see us? Don’t we all just miss this:, having nothing now for our entertainment beyond anime porno?

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