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Dindueth Unto Others
The Wonderful World of Terror, More Explosions in Sweden, Shit Storm Over Syria

Syria: What A Complex Mess We Have Here – Strategy Page

March 10, 2017: Russia and the United States are trying to prevent the offensive against ISIL from being disrupted because of growing hostility between the Turks and the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) rebels. This is all about Turkey trying to prevent the Syrian Kurds from establishing an autonomous region in northern Syria. The Turks are the only member of the anti-ISIL coalition that wants to keep the Kurds out of the final offensive to crush ISIL in Syria. The Turks are also opposed to the growing Iranian presence in Syria and Iranian plans to make that presence (and control of the Syrian government) permanent. Israel also opposes the Iranian presence but is neutral about the Kurds and has the support of Russia and the United States for that.

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Carlos the Jackal

to go on trial for 1974 Paris shopping mall attack

Remember him?

“The Venezuelan-born Ramirez Sanchez, one of the most notorious political terrorists of the 1970s and ’80s, is serving a life sentence in France for a series of murders and attacks he perpetrated or organized in the country on behalf of the Palestinian cause or communist revolution. He first was convicted by a French court 20 years ago, and again in 2011 and 2013. If convicted on first-degree murder charges in the latest trial, he could get a third life sentence.”

Second Explosion Rocks Sweden in 24 Hours, Suspected Bomb

“The number of grenade attacks and car fires in the relatively small nation has shot up in recent years – allegedly because of warring migrant gangs – and the number of fatal shootings has doubled in nine years.”

“Since Mr. Trump made his intervention last month, there have been grenade attacks in Stockholm and Malmö, shootings and riots in the “No Go Zone” of Rinkeby in Stockholm, and ambulance workers demanding “military” defence so they can enter the area.”


Second Explosion Rocks Sweden in 24 Hours, Suspected Bomb

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