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The West Virginia of Canada
Sudbury Ontario, on Jeremy Bentham's Crime Tour of the Great North

The one-armed man did it

Just like on the “Fugitive”.

One-armed man punched woman in head, took dump in shed |

SUDBURY, Ont. — OPP officers discovered Byron Cromarty and two friends in Massey's Heritage Park early on April 21 of last year.

Officers ordered them to leave, but Cromarty had to go to the washroom bad — really bad.

So bad, that a short time later, about 2 a.m., two homeowners heard a commotion in their shed and saw a man with one arm – Cromarty — being helped out of the shed by another man.

The homeowners told the two men to leave and called police.

Cromatry told the homeowners he would come back and hurt them.

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Sudbury, Ont., man gets 9 years for beating roommate with baseball bat, frying pan to steal money for drugs

Sudbury is a big mining town, The area is sort of the “West Virginia” of Canada.

Road Rage

Edmonton, Alberta is a major city with a population of about 730K. It’s located in the heart of Canada’s major oil producing region. Sort of the “Houston” of Canada then. They both have (or had) pro sports teams named the “Oilers”. Now Edmonton has been called the “Detroit” of Canada. I guess it’s a lot like Detroit was before it lost all its industry and its white population with it. Namely a vibrant, rich city with a lot of business and culture. At the same its a rough place with a lot of people on dope.

Accused road-rage attacker who allegedly broke woman's arms with crowbar was stabbed in 2014

EDMONTON — A man accused of breaking a woman’s arms with a crowbar in what police have called a road rage attack was himself the victim of a violent crime in 2014.

Jared Matthew Eliasson, 28, has been charged with attempted murder, possession of a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault.

Police say the 34-year-old woman was driving to her Edmonton home Tuesday morning and honked her horn while passing a car that was stopped on a residential street.

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