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A Nut with a Gun?
The ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense Rejected In This High-Profile Shooting by Bob Owens at

More on the SYG case inFlorida involving a retired police captain. Reeves acted prematurely before he was presented with a credible threat of death and/or grievous bodily harm. Having a box of popcorn thrown at you doesn’t rise to the level. The video surveillance evidence and the testimony of eye witnesses didn’t support his SYG claim. Maybe he was more afraid of being humiliated than he was of actually getting hurt? Was it the “don’t park in front of my house” angry old man syndrome? Anyway it doesn’t look good for him. Juries tend to come down very hard on defendants who strike them as being a “nut with a gun”.

Don’t be that guy!

“Reeves is essentially attempting to claim that since Oulson was younger and bigger and using foul language, that he was justified in using deadly force. While Florida’s “stand your ground” law has been used successfully in many instances, the available evidence in this incident did support Reeves’s claim that Oulson constituted an imminent deadly force threat at the time he was shot. It in fact suggests that Reeves played a role in both instigating the initial confrontation, and he then re-instigated it after he returned from speaking to the theater manager.”

“His trial for second-degree murder will now proceed.”

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