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'Before the Mob Gathers'
James and Phil Discuss Police and Policing and the Social Power of Hatred

Hi James,

These two articles might interest you for their views on the Police and Policing. The first (Desert Sun) is the "source" article I read and the second a link from the first (but in my opinion, a good deal more important for its analysis):

As far as I can see, five of the six points made in the second article are present in the UK. How about the USA?

Best regards,


Good reading, Phil. Look, these authors are both ivory tower types from my perspective, who believe—according to their writing—that the government exists for the good of the people. This is a fallacy, a delusion. Nevertheless, since most people believe in said delusion, their advice offered on tracking the failure of the State to continue convincing the idiot masses that the State serves them amounts to a useful checklist for tracking the failure of this delusion.

I can address this best by addressing the six points laid out in the source article in terms of their application to Baltimore. Argentina and Nigeria have cohesive cultural groups that can form mobs. American society is utterly atomized, with the psychological conditions for the formation of a mob only present in the criminal gang culture.

The first extreme fallacy that both writers put forward is that the mob is defined as non-criminal, as middle class and working class people fed up with police corruption and inaction, assuming violent social responsibility. However, in America the mob is 100% criminal, not civic. We do not have individual and paired crooks committing crime and then seeking protection with the police from the mob. We have mobs of crooks attacking people and standing up to the police, who, significantly, back down. This is what causes no-go zones in Baltimore. I can and have gone into police no-go zones without fear. Why? Because the mob knows that the cops will back down. On the other hand, the fact that I have entered the no-go zone alone is taken as proof that I won't back down.

Here are the social tipping points, all six of them and how far Baltimore is to meeting them:

1. People Seek Ever-Increasing Government Largesse: Check, everyone in Baltimore I know, including business people want more government money.

2. Government Runs Out of Money: This condition is not met. Baltimore does not have the necessary funds, but is subsidized from state and federal sources. Baltimore retains the ability to meet financial obligations.

3. Citizens Become Increasingly Desperate: Check, but for another reason, a violent animus—a thirst, desperation if you will—to commit violence for its own sake. In Baltimore only homeless, isolated men are economically desperate and they die quietly in corners or as the victims of mostly recreational violence. There is no economic incentive to commit crime in Baltimore. This condition is a myth. Baltimore is the most violent city in America with no one other than non violent recluses going hungry or homeless. The catalysts for violence in Baltimore are three: brutalized, fatherless children, teenage boredom and racial hatred. Violent crime, in Baltimore does not rise from desperation. Most violence in Baltimore is essentially recreational, done for the satisfaction of a hatred or of a depraved desire to inflict suffering. In Baltimore the Desperation condition should be replaced with "A thirst for violent expression."

4. Vigilantism Arises: Check, but for another reason, mobs rise from a violent animus, not desperation. There is no vigilantism, but there are numerous hate-based mobs actively hunting the innocent and attacking and defying the police.

5. Government Attempts to Maintain Order at All Costs: Check, but for the opposite reason. Baltimore City and County have increasingly restricted law enforcement against the criminal class out of fear of criminal mob violence and have ramped up policing of traffic violations by middle class motorists. The middle class is now being targeted by criminals and police. As opportunities for corrupt police to shake down criminals retract the ability of the police department to apply pressure to and extract funds from motorists in the form of tickets and fines expands.

6. Government Becomes the Enemy: Check, government is the enemy of criminals and everyone except the wealthy, who can afford private security in the abstract, as in Argentina, but instead demand attention from their friends in power and effectively monopolize police protection.

In conclusion, Phil, Baltimore meets five of the six standards, which shows it is only kept from breaking into outright, South African-style race war, by state and federal subsidies, which are tied to the Drug War, which is a main driver in the formation of the criminal mobs.

Harm City is on the brink of becoming Slaughter City and only Black Baltimoreans involved in crime understand this. The political class is either flying blind of in on the take. The middle class believes the media lies because it's easier than facing the truth.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Sam J.March 16, 2017 3:43 AM UTC

"...Most violence in Baltimore is essentially recreational, done for the satisfaction of a hatred or of a depraved desire to inflict suffering. In Baltimore the Desperation condition should be replaced with "A thirst for violent expression."..."

Revilo P. Oliver again.

"...The savages of Africa, who are now your masters in the sense that you have to work for them every day, find the spectacle of a human being under torture simply hilarious. And when they see a blinded captive with broken limbs squirm as they prod him with red-hot irons, they laugh with glee—with a merriment, a real merriment, that is greater than the funniest farce on the stage has ever excited in you. You may search the vast and respectable literature of China in vain for any trace of compassion for suffering per se..."

I might add American Indians were exactly the same.