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'Ditching Between Philadelphia and Schuylkill'
Joseph Woods has Gotten Away from His Master Again

February 10, 1763

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Christiana Hundred, New Castle County, Feb. 1, 1763.


MADE his Escape from John Garretson, on the 27th of last Month, a certain JOSEPH WOODS, about Twenty two Years of Age, about five Feet seven Inches high, Pockmarked about his Nose, a slender Man, thin Visage, grey Eyes, and brown Hair:

Had on, when he went off, a brownish Thickset Coat and Vest, Leather Breeches, Yarn Stockings, thick heavy Shoes,

is a great Talker, has been in the Country from Ireland a Year the last Fall, and worked with the said John Garretson the last Winter, and the last Summer followed Ditching [1] between Philadelphia and Schuylkill, and is supposed to be gone that Way again.

Any Person or Persons apprehending the said Joseph Woods, and bringing him to the Subscribers, in Christiana Hundred, New Castle County, or to the County Goal, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall have the above Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by JOHN GARRETSON, of ZACHARIAH DERECKSON.


1. Ditching seems to have been used as an term for shirking responsibilities as far back as the 18th century.

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