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3 armed robbery suspects shot by Baltimore County police

Harm City PD marksmanship improves.


Jeremy, the west side of Baltimore County has ben bad since I came to Baltimore in 1981. The housing pattern on the west side is contiguous from city to county and the Dindus have been following the Hebrews along the main bus routes since before I was born. Woodlawn was a gentile community where my Irish-German maternal grandparents were driven from in the 1960s. A couple years ago a friend of mine worked at the Woodlawn branch of the county public library and informed me that it was a virtual police substation, that cops had to show up and evict rowdy hoodrats mammas and their brood on a daily basis. Currently most of the robbery and some of the recreational mob violence has been car borne throughout the county suburbs.


One suspect has died, police say

Ron Snyder Digital Editor


One of three armed robbery suspects shot by Baltimore County police officers late Monday in Woodlawn has died.

Police said officers were investigating multiple reports of armed robberies that had occurred in a matter of hours in western Baltimore County.

An officer was on patrol at about 11:45 p.m. when he saw someone suspicious in the area of the Royal Farms store located in the 6400 block of Windsor Mill Road near the police precinct. A second officer responded to the Royal Farms store to check on the well-being of those inside when he was immediately notified that the store had just been robbed.

Police said the man was first spotted running from a convenience store that had been held up at gunpoint. Pursing officers followed him to a car parked with several people inside at Walnut Street and Englewood Avenue. As two officers walked up to the vehicle, the car began to accelerate toward the officers, police said.

"They went to approach the vehicle on foot, and as they approached the vehicle, it began to accelerate toward them, so our officers, fearing for their own lives, began to fire on their vehicle," Baltimore County police Sgt. Andrea Bylen said.

All three wounded suspects were taken to hospitals. One of the suspects, Rashad Daquan Opher, 20, of Windsor Mill, later died. The other two remain hospitalized under police guard. Multiple armed robbery charges are pending.

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Sam J.March 16, 2017 3:57 AM UTC

While I'm not in the police "total" admiration society the ones that do their job to keep the criminals in check are either brave or completely out of their minds. Who would want to police Baltimore? It's got to be madness every single day. It could wear on a guy real fast. So we should give respect where it's due and respect the Baltimore police.