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‘Heritability of Values’
Ryan Faulk - In Defense of First World Policies & Genetics

I had to post this just for the graphic—who the hell are these jerks in the sunglasses?

The big question that is not being asked by all of these “red pilled” former libertarians is why are the majority of Caucasians willingly committing racial suicide, not having children and inviting jobless folk from the most violent hell holes on earth to beat them to death in their old age?

First—and I am someone who became a Libertarian for a year in the late eighties and actually voted once—was libertarianism the road to an awakening or a hole where the brighter moral minds of two generations were sucked into long enough to permit the doomsday clock to pass quarter of?

In a sense, the fact that the most ethical smart people—those who did not sign up to topple petty dictators for Uncle Sam or make money by shuffling money and raping the planet—were sucked into a purely materialistic world view, where good is defined as nothing but non-violent greed.

The stereotyping experiment discussed at 21 minutes is fascinating.

I really like the fact that Ryan Faulk read atlases as a kid like I did, my favorite being the 1954 National Geographic Atlas.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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BobMarch 16, 2017 8:03 PM UTC

Exactly. Deception, subterfuge, high intelligence (selective breeding with verbal skill and abstract reasoning privileged) and a culture that encourages separatism from "the other" and internal cohesion - these attributes have made for a very successful evolutionary model. Host peoples have come and gone, but the Jews have prevailed.

Flip side is the reaction of non-Jews against Jewish power. History is rich with expulsions and expropriations. Accounts of same tend to be written by Jews and so present only one side of the argument.

In the Soviet days it was Jews using the animosity between classes to rise to the top, nowadays it's through immigration. The best way to protect Jewry is to slim down whitey's numbers and let the new Americans bash him into shape. At the same time whitey must be prevented from acquiring any form of racial consciousness lest - God Forbid! - he start organizing along racial lines.
nealMarch 16, 2017 2:39 PM UTC

I do not think the old stuff is scalable.

The concept of economic power as medicine for sustaining the honor of the tribal castes reverses to outsourcing the castes to serve the economy.

Of course, then one must resort to mercs and privateers when shite gets real.

I personally mix with the Texicans and New Mexicans in these parts.

All my kin back in Appalachia sold out. Okies are OK, too. And Kansans.
BobMarch 15, 2017 11:22 PM UTC

Jews have incentivized the stigmatization of whites through their dominant position in government, media and academia. Whites who wish to denigrate other whites will find no institutional obstacles in their way, and many economic benefits.

Those who explicitly champion whites or white culture will be marginalized or punished.

It's a just classic divide et impera by the most united group on Earth.
responds:March 16, 2017 3:07 PM UTC

If you think about it, 2000 years is a lot of practice at playing off the larger society against itself. They ought to be good at it.