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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Watch This Dindu Dining Experience Before it Gets Taken Down

Just another white victim of black mob violence…nothing to see here folks…move along now…

The dindus entered the fast-food joint loudly proclaiming they had no money , “no one would give them a dollar” (panhandlers?). The white dude, naïvely playing the Good Samaritan, offered to pay for the Dindus’ meals. For some reason the dindus took exception to this charitable offer (perhaps thinking it a blatant display of white privilege and superiority) and beat the stuffing out of the unfortunate white guy. Check out the NY Daily News link for the video interview of the white victim.


Jeremy, this tactic is used in grocery stores, farm stores and on buses in Baltimore. On the bus, the people headed to work are held hostage until they cough up money as the bus driver complies and does no move the coach until money is in the meter, but does not have the authority to put the deadbeat off. In an eatery—which is the favorite venue for attacks as targets are seated—it is nothing but an attempt to draw out the week and identify the strong so they can be avoided. Notice that each of these giant toddlers is wearing about $400 worth of clothes and their victim is dressed poorly by comparison. Palefaces just refuse to believe me, that their is no economic basis for most Dindu attacks and that speaking with the animals is something you should leave up to Doctor Dolittle.

It is hard to discern the sex of these savages—even the Dindus are becoming metrosexual.

Man Beaten in Fast Food Joint After Offering to Pay for Meal – Texas Chicken And Burger Robbery

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CollinsMarch 17, 2017 1:12 AM UTC

Check out the NY Post's link.

One would think it's a story about a guy beaten into critical condition.

Multiple broken bones according to the report. Ouch.