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Countering the Shaming of Your Leftist Friends
From the The Butthole Surfer

Our man PR, The Butthole Surfer from the Left Coast, has done a very direct piece on the indirect art of invalidation, which is the key tool in our society's drive to emasculation, by profiling those who are addicted to its use as an interpersonal edge-wedge. I enjoyed this very much.

Many of us have leftist friends. Vox Day and others think you should just get them out of your life, but not everyone has this luxury. Some are family; some are neighbors; some are coworkers. Leftists can be trusted to behave certain ways but are never to be trusted as friends.

Owing to their mental instability, leftists engage in a constant oscillation between shaming others from their imaginary moral high ground and committing unbelievable hypocrisies. For example, if you mention that not all races are lactose tolerant, they'll scream at you about being a racist. Meanwhile, they live in carefully-zoned school districts that would make the KKK proud. Amongst their other major shortcomings are their tendency towards cowardice, backstabbing, and turning on one-another. All of their relationships are transactional. The Left doesn't even like itself.

Most Leftists pick battles with you at times you do not expect that usually correlate to something they read on the fakenews. For example, the fakenews says Trump is going to send everyone off to the gas chamber and you look like a guy who voted Trump so you are an enemy to fight. Always maintain your own frame in arguments with Leftists. Never admit to any common ground, because you have none. Never concede any points. Never apologize. Maintain an attitude of amused and superior derision. Treating their arguments like they have merit is folly. Assume bad faith on their part.

When they lose an argument and call you, "Racist," reply, "That doesn't work on me." Repeat until their face becomes downcast. Having failed, they will look for revenge another day. Again, always maintain an attitude of amused and superior derision: you are talking to crazy people.

-The Butthole Surfer

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Phil BMarch 16, 2017 7:52 PM UTC

(When) call you, "Racist," reply, "That doesn't work on me."

No - laugh and say "Thank you. I have won the argument" and walk away.

"Racist" means that they have run out of sensible points to discuss and want to shut the discussion down, which means that you have won. Enjoy your triumph.